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  1. Well, for me: 1) Nirvana 2) System Of A Down 3) Guns and Roses 4) Metallica 5) Led Zepplin 6) AC/DC 7) The Darkness
  2. From what I've heard, I don't believe all the conspiracy theories. Maybe you know something I don't. There are similar things in hip hop circles, such as the idea that 2Pac faked his own death (I don't believe that either). Courtney Love is a lot of things, but I very much doubt she's a murderer.
  3. Yeah, that's a good point against the argument. Someone else said it actually, using an analogy of going into the supermarket to buy a can of beans- you know what you are buying because of what it says on the tin. Bit of a weird analogy really. It's a basic human psychological need to label and pigeon-hole things to make sense of them, otherwise it's too confusing. So in some ways we need to have genres so we know basicly what we like, so there is a useful purpose for it, but I just don't think it should be taken too seriously. I don't exclude either, but obviously there will be certain styles I like over others.
  4. I completly agree! As far as I'm concerned, the only way you should split music you listen to from music you don't is whether it's good or bad, and that's entirely subjective. I think it's stupid to not listen to a genre of music because it's pop or whatever. Also, genre is a completly artificial concept anyway, I think it's more for journalists and market researchers to make their jobs easier. As for Kraftwerk, they are great. Yes, believe it or not, they are still around. They have a new song out called Aerodynamik which is fantastic.
  5. Not sure what it's about, but the Scissor Sisters recently released a cover version of it that was quite big over here. I think it's good, I liked the original as well, but apparently a lot of Floyd fans aren't happy with it. But the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters says that, to her, she thought that when the song was written drugs were a very insular, solitary activity, and she thinks now drug use is more hedonistic, so that's why they did the song differently.
  6. You're right about needing to have tissues handy if you're watching Dancer In The Dark. I don't normally cry when watching films but I was crying buckets with that one. I'm not sure what happened with her though.
  7. Cher is very good at both singing and acting. She's one of the few that can pull off both really well. Other than that I'd say Judy Garland, as she was an excellent singer and actress, though she mostly did musicals, which pretty much need you to be able to sing and act. One that amazed me though was Bjork. I love her music, and I loved her film Dancer In The Dark where she won best actress at Cannes. She was great in that movie. Apparently she had a bad experience working on the film, and doesn't want to make another, which is a shame as she was very good.
  8. Quentin Tarantino makes great films but he also uses great soundtracks in each one! For example, he used a cheery pop/rock song like Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel and put it in the most disturbing scene in Reservoir Dogs- the torture scene- and now when people hear that song they think of that scene! A similar thing happened with Chuck Berry's You Never Can Tell used in Pulp Fiction when Mia and Vincent Vega are dancing. Apparently the song had never been considered one of Chuck Berry's best, but it's now one of his most popular. A more recent example would be Nancy Sinatra's cover version of Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)in Kill Bill volume one. I think that the stripped down version used in the film is a vast improvement on Cher's over-the-top original, which I thought was OK, but Nancy Sinatra's version is much better, and she probably only recorded it for the film.
  9. OK... I'm an 18 year-old student of English and Media. I have a relativley small IQ of 124. I live in the United Kingdom, in a small rainy town in the North of England, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. I'm also gay, which isn't too bad most of the time. I love films, music, TV- it's all cool. I like all sorts of genres, with film- horror, comedy, sci-fi, drama and I like pretty much all music, but mostly rock, pop, hip hop/rnb, dance- but I'm open mided. I like almost anything.
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