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  1. I GOT IT. More time, but I am so, so happy. It is: 38 Special, Second Chance. Thanks again for your help. You think I would have been able to remember Second Chance, but I really never heard the song more than twice. Check it out, a cool song. Again, thanks so much for trying to help. Gena
  2. Laurie, Thanks so much for trying, but no, that's not it. Maybe I dreamed of this song. I really appreciate you trying to find it.
  3. I have spent hours, hours and hours trying to find this song. I would so appreciate it if anyone knows what this is. Excuse the lack of information. It is a great song, and I love it. I've heard it on the radio several times in the past. Words I can remember: Good or nice to see you again. Things didn't work out. Too bad things didn't work out. We went our separate ways. This is a male vocalist with a nice, voice. Song starts out very a good beat which is identifiable (in other words you know it is this song). I remember hearing this song in the years 2000+, but it could have come fr
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