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  1. I cannot find that anywhere. the you tube link was a different song and quality I couldn't really get half the lyrics. regardless, thanks for response
  2. thank you. read his story and you are right. wow. wish lyric was more detailed but definitely a good one. thank you
  3. I have always pretty much lived my life through song lyrics. Now am looking for that right song that would be perfect to that perfect woman. Quick insight to situation. We fell in love in high school. Were bf and gf until graduation, when her parents made her break it off because they were moving. I thought it was what she wanted. Worst heartache I ever knew, we really were perfect together. Self medicated with alcohol for many years. we ended up losing touch a few years after we graduated. both married others and have two kids each. (The morning of my weddng I could not think of anything exce
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