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  1. well iwatched this film the other night and it reduced me to tears the cast were brill i expected it to be like the rocky endings but what a shocker it wasent imust recommend you see this film its great
  2. its got 2 be the champ where the little blonde boy is sobbing at the end crying champ champ please dont die champ closley probly followed by rocky 2 where adrian says win rocky and in the end where hes fighting apollo creed and he gets up 2 win in the dying seconds followed by that closing theme tune
  3. its called whats up by 4 non blondes i should no this its my fave karaoke song
  4. i watched a film once i was about seven i think it was called ghost house and it starred david hassleoff there was abit in it where i cant remember it was male or female was standing by a fire place and somethink come down and sewed their mouth up
  5. did u know devon sawa who starred in final destination is stan in the video stan by eminem you do now :guitar:
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