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  1. Sorry finally figured it out. It's Sir Douglas Quintet Border Wave
  2. It starts like this: take a little time just to try to find my mind, go back to the border
  3. Hi, I'm going through an old tape recorded 20 years back with no name of artists or songs but it's all dance music from around the sixties. Most of them are easy to find but I have one I can't get google, youtube, forums or musicmatch to help me. It goes something like this in the chorus: "born away born away born away was your name as we said at the beauty cantina, born away born away but the game - we got to get your mind in order, got to get back run away, born away born away well the girls are screaming record cats are stealing guess were gonna call it born away" ...this is obviously not what they sing but what I hear. It could be burn away and so on... I really hope someone out there recognize it. Thanks.
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