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  1. Tnx guys but nothing again. I listening Sting, i know Desert Rose (:
  2. Thats funnt but i only know this part " Eo eo eoo eoo " Also i know the male vocal singing. Can i sing for you and upload somewhere that part which i know,maybe you'll find song easier?
  3. I read all comments, i saw that but that is not the song i search for.. Tnx for help anyway.
  4. One girl searched for the same song 10 years ago,now i need the same song. Here is the post of her : " When I was on a summer-holiday in Turkey, I heard this great song! Now I hardly can remember the lyrics and I don't know the artist ::! I think the title of the song was Eo, or something, because the chorus went something like this; "Eo oh oh oh eo eo".. I can't remember anything else, because I didn't knew the language.. " So if anyone can help me,please,do i it Have nice day :]
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