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  1. you don't remember the *rock legend who wrote these lines.? *he usually wore handmade Indian leather moccasins on stage.
  2. 'For seven years I dwelt in the palace of exile.. ..playing strange games with the girls of the Island. Brothers & sisters of the pale forest,children of the night.. ...who among you will run with the hunt.? Now...night arrives with her purple legion... ....retire to your tents & to your dreams...tomorrow we enter the town of my birth. I want to be ready.'
  3. ZZ circa 1970....who knew.? :guitar:
  4. Does anyone know what happened to this guy.?
  5. I've discovered it was Dianne McCauley who did the vocal performance for this track on 18. "One of these Mornings"
  6. Thanks..I noticed this gal also performed on 18...her voice also has that ~special effect~. Jennifer Price delivers on "In this World"
  7. I'm enchanted by her voice...does anyone know who she is.?She maybe Angie Stone..but,there were others..(?) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angie_Stone
  8. Did you guys know Goldy McJohn lives in Seattle.? ...he still does a few local shows...you know biker bars,maybe a few barmitzvahs too.? :pianist:
  9. In line with Brian Eno’s descriptions of his late-70s series of albums, most of these new age collections were recorded for both listening pleasure and more specific purposes, such as meditation, relaxation, affirmation, massage, and self-help.... ....his notion created a genre of music that was both applied and marketed in a very different fashion from mainstream jazz, rock, and soul. The best examples open a window into another world. The most talented and inventive artists of this era include Joel Andrews, Joanna Brouk, Wilburn Burchette, David Casper, J. D. Emmanuel, Iasos, Larkin, Laraaji, Ojas, and Michael Stearns, among others... ...among others is leaving me wondering if any of my favs are amongst them.? :pianist: http://www.vice.com/read/tuning-the-human-instrument-0000254-v21n3
  10. I remember when J Geils Band would sellout Cobo arena in Detroit for 3 nights in a row. I seen the the first show on Friday,I remember I took the day off work...I took this neat blonde babe who was unsure of the JGB... ...as expected,they blew the roof off,did 2 encores....a memorable night indeed.
  11. Tina Turner.. Barry White.. Sly Stone.. O'jays; Marvin Gaye.. James Brown..circa 1974.! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-dnadU__Uc
  12. I've heard...I offer my sincere prayers & condolences for Mick & the surviving family.Suicides like this (presumably without warning) are the most difficult to deal with.I speak from past experience.
  13. ^ ^ not a word about this gem from 1978.? It strikes a chord with me having heard it played it a bar in Mich's Upper penisula waay back in about '79. We had fun,no trouble or nuthin'. :sing1:
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