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  1. I was vacationing in the upper peninsula of Mich. back in about 1980-81...

    ...my gf & I had been traveling all day...we were tired & found lodging in the town of Marquette.As I was signing in, in a huge bus pulled into the parking lot & in walked Grace Slick a few of her entourage.She looked great(a bit heavy on makeup) but,she was nice.

    We later learned her band 'Jefferson Starship' was playing at Northern Mich. University.

  2. interesting...but,no Deadheads.?..or Phish fans.?

    I/we attended 'The Last Wolfest' in Nashville back in 2002..it was a gathering of fans of the band Steppenwolf.Some fans came from Europe & farther.It's on youtube if anyone wants a look.

    This band had several changes along the way,diff guitarists,etc..a couple formers had passed on.It was cool ;cause we got to meet John Kay & my fav 'Wolf guitarist Larry Byrom.

    ...so we all met for 3 days of music,fun...tales from the road,etc. :guitar:

  3. I will emphasize that the women are not always metaphors, it's just something that's done often.

    Rap, in it's most basic form (rather in it's initial form) reflected life from the perspective of these artists. That's where gangsta rap comes from, it details life, for better or worse, from the perspective of people who often lived it. Despite the fact that it popularized a certain culture that's often misogynistic, hyper-masculine and hyper-violent, it also brought a lot of awareness to the realities of life in the projects (in some cases).

    In the end, the person listening to it has to be able to discern the value from the music. Obviously when you listen Eminem, you shouldn't then think "Oh hey, I should totes go murder some people". But there's value in the music, there's art. Rap gets a bad reputation amongst some other people because currently, party music is popular, and thus, many find that music to be representative of the whole genre, which it isn't.

    The rap thing is waay bigger than I thought it ever would be..

    ...didja hear about Dr. Dre's deal.?


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