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  1. have found a song called cortina cowboys by a band called blue steam but cant find the lyrics or the song to listen to so dont know if this could be it or not?!
  2. Hi there, thank you for your suggestions, have listened to them all but afraid none of them are it. the quest continues lol.....
  3. Hi, thanks for your replies, i'm afraid I cant remember much more info, it was sung by a fella (or maybe group of fellas) sort of in the style/sound of the convoy song. At that time I used to listen to radio one a lot so am guessing it was played on the radio.
  4. Hi, can anyone help??? Does anyone remember a song from the 80's to do with cowboys & cortinas? I have no idea of title or artist but the lyrics were something like 'I'm a Friday night cowboy in a weekend wonderland, I saddle up my cortina & comin in on the ole ten four' I could be out on the exact lyrics but I know it existed, just can't find anyone else who remembers it & have spent ages searching YouTube etc but to no avail. Would b really grateful if anyone can help??
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