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  1. Mmmm. Tricky one. Go for Dark Side as, either, the band name, album title, or band pictures are on the cover.
  2. It's Eric Clapton without the greasepaint, isn't it?
  3. Well in Zaba - we have a winner. Took me ages to research that question too. At least 5 minutes of Googling lol. Madonna Ciccone Prince Nelson Tiffany Dawrisch and, of course, Marv Aday. Or something.
  4. Ooh, here's a nice one. Gender, waist size and musical style completely immaterial here. Madonna Prince Tiffany Meatloaf
  5. I couldn't remember his name. :sing1:
  6. American. Comes from Bayou County I think, heh heh.
  7. Bazinga! 100% correct - top of the class for you.
  8. Ah, now I'm with you. Angus is so small he's got turn-ups on his boxers.
  9. Hey Edna :cuttie: This band took their name from a caption in a Marvel comic. Hint - they came from Liverpool, late '70s. Step forward and claim your Reward.
  10. Mick is the only drummer? English man? Only one to see if Stevie Nicks is really a man?
  11. "Once Upon A Long Ago" - Sir Macca "Can I Get A Witness?" - ooohh, let's go for the lovely Sam Browne.
  12. Songs with a Geographical Location in the Title 1985 Miami Vice Theme - Jan Hammer
  13. "Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please" - Splodge... "Have You Seen Her?" Chi-lites
  14. "I Can Hear The Grass Grow" - The Move "Do Ya Do Ya" - Sam Fox
  15. How terrible a movie is Midnight Cowboy?
  16. "Little Old Wine Drinker Me" - Dino "What Kind Of Fool Am I?" - Tony Newley
  17. My Name Is Michael Caine - Madness Where Do I Begin - Andy Williams
  18. Is he a believer? Tee hee. Can't add a smilie! Beaten by BradM.
  19. "Yes It Is" - The Beatles "Why Can't I Wake Up With You" - Take That.
  20. Robert Ironside, chuckle.
  21. "Working In The Coalmine" - Lee Dorsey "Who Were You With In the Moonlight?" Dollar
  22. Some Eastern Bloc ones: Warzawa by Bowie. Capital city of Poland pop pickers. Winds of Change, by the Scorpions mentions, Gorky Park, which is back in Moscow. Back in the USSR by those Liverpool chaps is almost a geography lesson! Vienna by Ultravox. More when one sobers up no doubt.
  23. Instead of moving I just tidy up! Carole Bayer Sager Or Bob Hoskins' big break. - on the move. Have a good day.
  24. Actually, unlike the old days, you only need 20,000 sales/downloads and the like for a #1. The irony of this brouhaha is that all the "anarchists" and "protestors" buying this are lining the pockets of the friendly corner shop that is the Sony Corporation. Mrs Thatch would be delighted.
  25. George Michael and Wham anyone. Or is that the wrong order? What about Sammy Hagar and Van Halen then? Or Jon and Vangelis?
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