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  1. Wrong year and wrong words... But: Bourgeois Tagg - I Don't Mind At All
  2. Bolivian... Brazilian...Pretty blimmin horrid all round. :frenchie: Yes it is the Lambada. The dance craze that launched a kejillion hernias and bajillion thong extractions. Over to you Edna.
  3. That's either Patti Smith or a young Johnny :haveabeer: Thunders.
  4. Baby sheep only worse? That's the cryptic crossword clue! :badcomp: You're on the right track CJ. This (quite dreadful) tune was the biggest selling global single in 1989!
  5. I'm hearing Nirvana - "I don't have a gun." But is it a grungey type band? Heavy Metal? More please.
  6. You got it Edna. Tom McGuinness, ex Manfred Mann, McGuinness Flint and still touring, methinks, with the Blues Band.
  7. Hee hee. For this dance either Paul or Art would have been in a mini-mini skirt and showing off their thong. A case of one singer, one thong? I'll hie me off to think of a clue.
  8. Oh I don't know. When I'm Dead And Gone they'll take me out of the Greta Garbo Home for wayward boys and girls!
  9. Chart history is littered with "bands" that never appeared on their songs. Roger McGuinn was the only Byrd to appear on Mr Tambourine Man. Then there's everyone from Boney M to Milli Vanilli. So, in essence, I'd say that it's your band - so you could claim any John Doe as the artiste!
  10. Something duly posted Edna. Now, who's this cool dude?
  11. Bolivian folk song turned into a slightly disturbing dance craze.
  12. Why, tis Sir Rick de Wakeman. Here he is in a more familiar pose.
  13. You're close Zabba. Johnny wasn't rotten in one particular show!
  14. It is a she??? :frenchie: I jest. Been :haveabeer: Again. Hic.
  15. JR's birthday is the 31st! Good answer though. And completely accidental on my part, heh heh.
  16. After careful cogitation, deliberation and thievery heh heh... Davy Jones Phil Collins Steve Marriot Johnny Rotten
  17. One of New Kids On The Block? :frenchie:
  18. Blimmin heck. I'll be leaving a light on tonight. That's one scary chap. And looking at your sig, Edna. There wouldn't be many takers of candy from him heh heh.
  19. What about the drummer? Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine - double A side, Shirley? And remember, no ring goes like a Ringo goes.
  20. Aha! Gatefold sleeves. But which one? I bought three of them on cassette!
  21. Looks like you're up Edna, heh heh.
  22. The Fab Four had #1s with different singers. Do I claim the booby prize?
  23. The Zep cover is the only one in glorious monochrome? Scraping the barrel here lol.
  24. "I Feel Like Buddy Holly" - Alvin Stardust "Do You Wanna Dance?" - The Beach Boys
  25. Could be Ages to Ashes by Mr Bowie. There's a bit in the words like this.
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