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  1. Dragging the Line--Tommy James and the Shondels And now Freaks Come Out At Night- Whodini
  2. Lol Rocky that's awesome! Since Chris Penn is dead(RIP) I think zombie Chris should come back and reprise his role(Willard) also and have aging Kevin Bacon teach him how to dance, but with like a limb falling off every now and then. Na seriously chk it out on youtube or Imdb it's already been done(trailer is out there) they got some new kid and others in tow. Big and Rich w/ Gretchen Wilson have a song out called "Fake Idea" which replaces over for the original John Melloncamp's "Hurts So Good" scene where the kids sneak across state lines...to Dance!! Only in the 80's!
  3. Did you know that The Carpenters were denied to playing Disney's Magic Kingdom in Florida for being to hip/radical of a band.
  4. I caught John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band last month. I'm now looking forward to catching Missing Persons at the end of this month. I might possibly go to see Dwight Yokam and Buddy guy in November at Orlando Calling.
  5. So what does everybody think of the up incoming remake of Footloose and now possible talks of a new Dirty Dancing? I knew Hollywood was out of ideas, but damn you think you would remake Mad Max or The Thing or something like that before these.
  6. There's no mention of Billie Holiday or Brad Delp(Boston). I think it's hard anytime to pick great singers and musicians cause it can be so subjective.
  7. I always felt Jimi Hendrix- Little Wing had a lot of atmosphere it always felt a song that floats on a cloud. Another one comes to mind is Fleetwood macs- Gypsy. Stevie Nicks voice is very "Atmospheric" Also Superstar by The Carpenters is good, but the Sonic Youth cover is atmospheric.
  8. Okay is my choices First got to go with the man in Black Johnny Cash-Sunday Morning Coming Down The Highwaymen- Highwayman and on a totally different note(I know I will get some backlash, but the man has a great voice and was huge in his prime) Wham- Careless Whisper George Michael- Father Figure There's my picks take it easy on me I'm new around here.
  9. Have you guys talked about Fitz and the Tantrums yet? There breakout year was this year with "Money Grabber" but the rest of that album seems pretty solid to me.
  10. I got some new ones that popped into my brain. 80's Pop Icehouse-Electric Blue Thompson Twins- Doctor Doctor Roxette- The Look, Joy Ride, Fading like Flower Missing Persons- Words, Destination Unknown Berlin-Metro Escape Club - Wild west(I have heard weirdly at country bars...they line dance to it) Joe Jackson- Sunday Papers, Is she really going out with him( only Joe I hear played is from Night and Day album) Elvis Costello- Pump it up M-Pop music Man these list could go on forever...I'm just barley scratching at the surface. I guess my opinion would be anything that doesn't make it on genre radio stations.(quite bit there)
  11. Have you guys ever talked about the old indie band the Weakerthans on here? Here's my case for song of the day (for the sheer fact of not having repeative chorus or lyrics). Great band and great tune...my opinion of coarse.
  12. At Rocky, Thanks for that video. I live in south Florida so music from other parts of the country take a little longer get down here. Plus local radio here bites the big one and I don't have sirus. So when I see a new band on youtube or listening to streaming radio is when I first hear them.
  13. I guess I got a question for the group. Is this were we can post vid we like to share or someone doing this on a daily basis. In case this group I think will have big break out soon.
  14. Fathers and sons I.E John Lennon- Julian Lennon
  15. If were talking about songs that were hits or moderate hits. I can think of a few bands and hits that gave faded.(U.S at least) Alt-rock-90's Black Lab- Wash it away Brother Cane- Lie it Bed I make Naked- Raining on the sky(personal fav) Dead Eye D*ck - New Age girl Cornershop - Brimful of Asha Sponge- Molly (Sixteen Candles) Hum- Stars Poe-Angry Johnny Jan Arden Insensitive Joydrop-Beautiful Rap-90's Skee-lo- Wish Gillette- Short D*ck Man Wrecks n Effect- New Jack Swing Anything by Kid and Play Kriss Kross-Jump I could keep going but I'm getting tired I'll try to think of some more later. *Good topic by the way
  16. Wow! Ramones opening up for PJ damn shouldn't that be the other way around. I always find it starnge when seasoned band has to open to someone whos just the hot thing at the momment.
  17. CyberJudge, That's not it I guess I should have said the singer was a male in both songs. The 80's song has very up tempo with melonchaloy lyrics and the song form 2006 like I said before very 70's T-rex or MC5 kind of sound. Thank you for trying though.
  18. Hey Fourmers! I got two songs I've had in my head for last several years but can't seem to find any info on them. 1. Is a 80's pop song that's very "Airy" is sound and has the lyric that talks about you'll do this while I play my guitar( I know very vague and I only hear this song randomly through life) 2. Is a band that came out in 2006ish they were a English band(I believe) with a T-rex sound the Video looked something like a ode to a circus T-rex'ish style. Their lyirc went something. "were going rock this city/streets tonight" (I know vague) It was used for a Ipod commercial to around that time. If any of you can help that would be awesome! Thanks
  19. I have a two bands that come to mind that I've seen with some peculiar opening acts. Aerosmith's Nine Lives tour had Johnny Lang opening I thought it was a little girl playing at first cause he was still maturing in his vocals. Creed opening up for Metallica in 98. Really those crowds are quite different from each other.
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