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  1. Well I'm glad you enjoyed it! Rickey Medlocke is their guitarist now from Blackfoot he's good I'll admit that.

    By the way love your Badfinger avatar Straight Up by far one of my fav album's on vinyl.

  2. First I love this discussion and it's timeless.

    I agree with most on here and saying that pop music from 1955-1990 was very innovate. I also agree that every gen has copied the other in some way or form and all put on spin on things. I also agree that a lot of great artist and music or overshadowed by mainstream medias and that's always it will be(You can't stop the enterprise). Yes technology has made the consumerism of music a "Single song society"(That should be the name of my band), but it's also made the artist in control of his, hers or their music. This is a good thing for some and bad for others.

    Okay so my point according to Farin original statement which why music hasn't evolved and moved on or will it move on? The answer is different for everyone. Some would say that the rise of Emo and Screamo is the punk/pop evolution of music. Others would disagree and say there channeling from bands of the 80's and 70's. I guess what I'm trying to says there will always be innovators and then the copies will come every gen has that and will continue to have that. Bands and musicians will always pay respect to the innovators while developing new sounds and styles from them. Music just doesn't come out of thin air it's heard all around us since we are born and we interpret those sounds and make them our own.

    Will it evolve...Yes! Will we enjoy....Who's knows! Bottom line it's all interpretative!

    (I feel like I might have pulled a Billy Madison on this one) :D

  3. Thanks Shawna! Or I can think about 100 different artist that would be cool to see on here, but I know that task would be impossible. I chose John and Eric because of their longevity and songwriting. I'll contact Carl and see what he says.

    Thanks Again,


  4. Is there any way we can request an artist to be interview(I know this might be more difficult that conceived) I would love to hear a interview from Eric Carmen or John Cafferty about their music. I don't know how this works so if anyone can help in contacting this person that's great?

    Also amateur writer myself would love to see if there a possibility of doing a interview for songfacts.

  5. That's not Skynard that's whats left of Skynard and bunch ex southern rockers from Molly Hatchett and 38 Special. I mean yes you get the songs, but little Johnny is not his big bro and never will be. I guess that's just opinion though, but I hope you enjoyed yourself Laurie.

  6. I'm so surprised you guys never talked about Boston's "More Than a Feeling" riff and Nirvana's "Smell's Like Teen Spirit". I mean Kurt was such obvious fan of it and denied it because he was such contradiction to himself and claimed that he The Melvin's were his source of admiration...B-S!

  7. That was my first thought Butch Vig the sound behind Nirvana!

    Well my second choice would be these guys: Jimmy Jams and Terry Reed!

    They worked all these artist-TLC, The Sounds of Blackness, Yolanda Adams, Jordan Knight, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Prince, Spice Girls, Vanessa Williams, George Michael, Melanie B, Rod Stewart, Kelly Price, Gwen Stefani, New Edition, Eric Benet, Pia Zadora, Solo, Morrison Slick, Human League.

    They had the 80's R&B sound down to a science.

  8. Here is my choice for today's vid/song of the day. This one comes from living blues legend here in Florida his name is Willie Green and if you ever have the chance stop by the town of Cross Creek and get bite to eat at the Yearling and listen to Willie!

    (I believe the song he is singing is "I love you Baby") Willie learned how to mimic a harmonica with his voice since he wasn't able to afford one when he was young.Enjoy!

  9. I've experienced this myself not suicide particularly, but someone dying young that was close to me. I had a couple songs get me through that hard time.

    Cinderella- Through the Rain

    Escape Club- I'll be there

    Gary Allan- Life ain't always Beautiful

    (If you know the story of Gary Allen and his wife...he suffered from his wife killing herself a few years back)

    I hope these help anybody who suffers from the lost of someone that's gone and not coming back.

  10. Alright Mr MiamiSammi...Here's my granola bar and my chocolate soy milk!

    Seriously he played down here in South Florida which is kind of rare for him he mostly stays up in the new England area. Was a great show his sax's player Michael "Tunes" Antunes( If you remember him in the first Eddie movie as Wendell Newton) told me he was turning 71(he still plays the hell of that thing). I got his autograph and John Cafferty.

    How was Sweet? I would love to see Cheap Trick live I know Robin Zander lives here in Fl.

    Far as living in 1987...sometimes there only in my mind. I really dig all kinds of music and try to see different acts all the time. Saw Ziggy Marley couple months back and saw MGMT at the same time both were really good.

  11. Horrible Bosses, watching a bootleg again. This is one of the best comedies I've seen with a suspenseful plot. I'm a bit biased being an Arrested Development & Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan, and the key star from both shows are main characters in this.


    Just watched it this weekend. I found it funny yes, Jason Bateman most of the time is good in this film,but Jason Sudeikis character/acting really bothers me. It has no depth or luster at all he really always comes off as an a-hole and bores me(and it's not cause he's great actor) on SNL and in his movies.

    Jenn Aniston- was as usual hot with a chance of funny( she turned it up a notch with the cruder jokes)

    Charlie Day- was descent and had some really great lines when he was high on coke and the dirty talk to his boss towards the end.

    Kevin Spacey- was great he can play a prick like no other, but he's a good actor unlike Sudeikis.

    Colin Farrel- was awesome he really played that character well.

    Great appearances by Julie Bowen(Modern Family),Donald Sutherland,Bob Newhart

    Bad appearances by Jamie Foxx and Ron White

    Foxx is character was dumb and need reworking and White's was forgettable.

    So overall I gave this movie 6/10 and that alone was the supporting cast performances and not really by the lead actors.

  12. Alright this is tuff but here we go!

    1.Cocaine- Eric Clapton

    2.Edge of Seventeen -Stevie Nicks

    3.Sunday Morning Coming Down- Johnny Cash

    4.The Sound of Silence- Simon and Garfunkel

    5. Heart of Gold- Neil Young

    6.Sea of Love- Honeydrippers

    7.Careless Whisper- Wham

    8.Holy Diver- Dio

    9.Stuck in the Middle with you- Stealers Wheel

    10.Carrie Anne- The Hollies

    11. Banditos- The Refreshments

    12. We can work it out- The Beatles

  13. Yep that's at least what my mother told she worked for 10yrs right after Disney first open circa 71-72ish and they were supposed to come a do a show, but it got canceled. Supposedly for that reason.

    I also know that Jim Morrison was born in Melbourne Florida(Dad was in the AF) and his house and the hospital he was born still stand to this day.

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