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  1. Thanks a lot, cyberjudge Thats the song. Funny how hard it is to find if you get the lyrics wrong... Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for the reply. But Thats not the song. Nice song although. The song I look for is much more dramatic. Celine Dion/W.Houston style....
  3. Hello all I trie to find a song which I know the melody of and saome fragments of the lyrics. Google didn't help. It is a sentimental ballad sung by a woman with a strong voice. The refrain is about this: You lift me up, you give me hope(love?), more than I have ever felt................. you're everything in this world..... Melody is about: D.F.G.A.-D.F.G.A.GGF.G.-G..F.G.F.G.AA.. Sorry, i am no musician. A point after a note means a longer note, no point means a shorter note. Hope this weird description helps. Thanks Stefan
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