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  1. Thanks for reminding me about the OMD website. I've now read the discography notes. They pointed me to the track(s) on Crush that used leftover Japanese samplings that were originally gathered for The Pacific Age. I'm now inclined to believe that Andy & co. chose the samplings simply for their tone and rhythm - not for any veiled meanings. re: latest concert tour: I haven't yet attended an OMD concert (nor many other bands', for that matter). I have seen video of recent performances and the energy seemed pretty high! Andy's voice is still rather good.
  2. Thanks for your response, Bitter Almonds. For a long time I thought of the vocalizations in "Goddess" as being in a European language. Hearing them as Japanese is a new angle for me. (What is "the Japanese commercial" that you mention?) - The one in "Flame" still strikes me as being like something in Latin or possibly in an African language. - I've checked for backwards masking: nothing clear comes from any of the samples. I'm still puzzlin' on this. -Thanks again. Any linguists out there care to weigh in?
  3. Hi, All! Great site! I've been wracking my brain with this on and off since 1986 when I bought this vinyl LP new. Two of the songs lead in with puzzling, unintelligible samples that no lyrics website has been about to identify. - First, the track "Flame of Hope" begins with a deep male voice singing what sounds like, "Tiss cum ellie set." This repeats behind Andy McCluskey's singing throughout the whole song. Is this Latin or a backwards-masked phrase? - Second, the track "Goddess of Love" starts off with a clipped sample that sounds like a choir signing "Oh sh!t, Oh sh!t." This repeat
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