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  1. I was also looking for this song I only search for a classic song with harmonica and this thread appear. Thanks for the info.
  2. Funny, I am playing harmonica for 2 years now and I am currently enroll in a guitar lesson.
  3. I agree, I love watching American Idol and Steven Tyler is one of my favorite artists, he can play harmonica, piano and his voice is great. He deserve to be a judge in American Idol and he is really funny sometimes when judging them.
  4. Thanks for the insight I didn't know most of those stuffs, all I know is that "harpoon" in the riddle is harmonica for sure..
  5. I am also playing this instrument I usually play Alanis Morissettes's song like Head Over Feet, Ironic etc. Another song is from The Beatles - Love Me Do
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