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  1. BUMP No one knows anything about the group TOUCH?
  2. I still hear it as: A bead of sweat costs drops of blood Make(s) me stronger and stronger Oh well, I guess unless/until we ever hear back from someone "in the know" it shall remain a mystery. Anyone care to dig into the mystery of "Touch", the group that sang it? And why is Marq Torien (of the Bulletboys) credited with the song in the end credits of the movie rather than "Touch"?
  3. Yes, I've also seen those lyrics, but not sure of that missing line still...gotta listen some more. The line below in red makes no sense; mine sounds better.
  4. Well that certainly makes more sense! I'll give it a try. One down and one to go. Still no word from Mr. Hitchings.
  5. Carl, Thanks for the offer! Here's what I've deciphered after many, many listens to the song (not saying I'm 100% correct, but should be pretty close). The missing line in ?'s is what I'm after, but will certainly take any other corrections Duane or anyone else here can provide. Sweetest Victory The deepest cut that can be healed By the gun or by the sword It’s hoped that you can turn yourself ?? The cold sweat sticks to your heart Your mouth gets drier and drier The battle inside wages on Your pulse races higher and higher Chorus: The sweetest victory I love you m
  6. OK all you Rocky IV soundtrack fans: 1. Who were the members of Touch, credited with performing the song Sweetest Victory on the soundtrack? [NOTE: Marq Torien (same guy from the Bullet Boys perhaps?) is credited with performing the song in the film's end credits...NOT Touch]. 2. Who has a correct and complete set of lyrics for this song? I am only missing one line in the song and what's out there on every single lyric web site is incorrect for one or more of the lines in the song. I've contacted Marq and Jake Hooker (producer) but neither will respond (imagine that!), only adding t
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