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  1. Lucky, nice screen name! Thank you for the post. I will pass it along to my friend.
  2. I have a friend that wants to either use these lyrics or use the whole song in a service, but she doesn't know what song they come from. Does anybody know a song that has the lyrics "gone tomorrow, weep no more." ? Can you tell me who sings it or what the lyrics are?
  3. I heard this song before, and I think it's a great song- I wish I knew who performs it and more of the lyrics. Here are the lyrics I heard- "What Kind of love- carries me through the wind and the pouring rain/What kind of love- only this love that I have//This love of mine- I won't let go." Does anybody know the rest of the lyrics to this song- and who sings it?
  4. In the song, "Shooting Star" by Bad Company- Does anybody know if this song was written about a real person (or just a made up story)? I'm just curious- who is Johnny- "Johnny was a school boy when he heard his first Beatles song/Love Me Do I think it was and it didn't take long." Is Johnny a real person?
  5. Does anyone know the rest of the lyrics to "Shooting Star" by Bad Company? " Johnny was a young man with a guitar in his hand//He was a young boy when he heard his first Beatles song- Love Me Do- The chords took him away//He told himself- "I'm gonna be big someday//He looked at his mother- standing by the door/Tears fell down her face/He said "mamma, don't you cry. I'll be alright. Don't you know that you are a shooting star." Anyone know the full lyrics to this song?
  6. Is anybody familiar with a song with these lyrics? "Johnny was a young man with a guitar in his hand//He was a young boy when he heard his first Beatles song- Love Me Do. He told his mother, "I"m going to be a big man someday." She stood at the door with tears in her eyes, and he said "Mamma, don't you cry. Don't you know that you are a shining star? Don't you know.... And you'll be loved as long as you are- a shining star." I think this is a relatively current song, but I can't find it when I search for it on the Internet.
  7. Does anyone know the lyrics to this Julian Lennon song from the 1980's? "Picking up the pieces of my shattered mind....Will you still be there?//You know there's something wrong/I've known it all along." The lyrics are similar to these.
  8. Here are the lyrics to the song I asked about- "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying". "Don't let the sun catch you crying/Cryin on my front door/ Cause you know this man done you wrong/And your daddy don't love you no more//You can cry...cry..cry ..cry//Cause this man can't love you no more." Does anyone know who the original artist is?
  9. Does anyone know who originally recorded the song "Cracking up"? The lyrics are something like "You're always hollering 'bout the money I spent//yeah, yeah... He's cracking up."
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