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  1. Originally written and recorded by Peter Greene in Fleetwood Mac. But the Santana version is much cooler.
  2. Their performance of Soul Sacrifice at Woodstock was what launched Santana. They didn't even have a record out! But people knew about them after that.
  3. Great list! Santana next to A-ha. Take On Me was an awesome tune.
  4. Looks like a lot of list had Smooth with Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas. I agree.
  5. Reminded a little of Santana from a fairly early period -- maybe Santana III and Caravanserai. Plus just a touch of Golden Earring.
  6. Yeah, interesting point. Actually, there's the band, Santana, the individual, Carlos Santana. WTF indeed!
  7. My favorite on the list is definitely No One To Depend On by Santana!
  8. Abraxas -- one of Santana's best albums!
  9. Seem to me like Orianthi has some of Santana's gutar tone (especially the later sound), but not sure if I hear Carlos Santana's licks in her playing.
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