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  1. working out the chords on a piano makes me realise what a fab song this is ( the lead singer of Manfred Man ... Paul Jones ... had a big hit with it back in the day ) anyone got any info ?
  2. something is nt right, I recently posted 2 topics, hit subscribe to topic etc but they aint on my subscription list . dont think I got e mail notif of responses to this topic either . But e mail notif is at least partly working on this forum, just got e mail notif for topic .... random video posts
  3. Could nt we call Abba ... a Synth Band ? Surely its the synth that seems to be at the centre of so many of their songs. Benny wrote the stuff... played the synth.. without that guy there would be no Abba !
  4. Is there no way you can get automatic e mail notif for any thread you create or any thread you post in ? just created 2 posts cant see them listed in my subscriptions
  5. Carol is pretty high up on my list of Rock Babes.... that main of red hair... that voice... Recently saw a vid of her in concert... black stockings, black hi heel boots... mini skirt... singing and walking backwards across the stage....! How cute is that babe ? I thought maybe she was writing those fab songs back in the 80s ... just like I thought maybe Blondie was writing their fab songs too. But I suspect both Carol and Debbie are in the song credits for contributing lyrics... dont think they are the main power behind the so
  6. You d think that Paul Mac and Justin Hayward would be big mates.... they are so alike... Both brilliant songwriters, Both very romantic Both very famous You d think they d be best mates !
  7. Wonderful biog type prog about Jeff last fri 5 oct on UK TV ... filmed for the most part in his fabulous home overlooking LA ( I believe ) You could see a few sky scrapers in the distance. We learned a lot about his life... teaming up with Roy Wood for ELO ... Roy did nt hang around very long. He showed us the guitar his dad bought him... for £2 and an antiquated tape recorder from the 60s which would actually allow him to multi-track ! What a brilliant guy, musician, song writer, producer.... performer.
  8. The guy and gals look back to their illustrious career http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnZ-5zBiBfA&feature=related .
  9. He co wrote songs with Gary Glitter, who is a bit of a Pariah these days, but theres no doubt about it, Mike was a brilliant song writer and with Gary he wrote some brilliant songs ... a kind of whole new genre of music !
  10. They saw themselves as a "synth " band and they seem to have been pretty faithfull to that idea you never hear a piano or an elec guitar on their tracks... its all synth !
  11. he does nt seem to have done much in the UK, have nt seem much of him over here !
  12. The original group seemed to split up and half became Heaven 17. But Phil Oakley stayed on and built up the bands success. He had the vision and the staying power, without him Human League would never have happened . I read that he had affairs with both Joanne and Suzanne... lucky devil. He was a big fan of Abba who had a blonde and a brunette fronting the band ( so Phil recruited a blonde and a brunette ) The formula worked and throughout the 1980s Human League put Sheffield firmly on the pop map
  13. I guess even abba can be accused of selling sex ..... with endless sexy costumes for Agnetha and Frida.
  14. The theory that he was scared to travel to the UK because the fbi would then stop him getting back into the usa but Im sure he visited japan with yoko during those years, why did nt they get him then ?
  15. Justin Hayward joined the Moodies in 1966 around the same time that John Lodge (bass ) joined The band was complete... they were ready to rock the 60s and the 70s The Moodies have sold 70+ million albums around the world.
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