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  1. I'm watching "The Professional" at the moment. A good movie.
  2. I appreciate any feedback you guys have The days I told you Weren’t all so precious You need to understand Darling, for if we know What you feel, it will not hurt I hear noises too The time I lent you Wasn’t all for use You need to understand Dearest, for if we know What you felt, it would not hurt I hear noises too The stories, ha, the stories We had such an earnest time Our modesty was blatant, Our tone was calm Listen to the ponds The ways I taught you Weren’t all proper You need to understand Follow me here Darling, sing with the crows They wi
  3. "Around the World"- by Daft Punk. It is nothing but around the world repeated throughout the song.
  4. For the life of me I just cannot find the lyrics to this song on the web. Anybody have a copy of them? I'd really appreciate it, thanks!
  5. Yeah, the new CD is pretty solid. I like his cover of Sunshine of your Love, and Bleeding Heart.
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