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  1. Top 10 County Christmas songs for you iPhone Ringtone on Christmas Day This isn't a list of tired classic Christmas songs that have been recut by country artists. Its a fresh list of songs that will bring you to tears, say, "oh yeah, I've been there" or just inspire you to string Christmas lights on your house. It doesn't list the silly songs that get so much airplay such as "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" by Elmo and Patsy or "Leroy the Redneck Reindeer" by Joe Diffee. Here are songs that conjure up Christmas images and feelings as only country music can, sung by artists that touch the heart in their special way.with a iphone ringtone maker you can make free Christmas Ringtone for iPhone from these top 10 County Chrismas songs Top 10 County Christmas Song # 1 - "Mary Did You Know" This powerful, spiritual song was written in 1984 and has been covered by artists in many genres. There are many thought provoking, goose bump lines, such as "This child that you delivered will soon deliver you". Top 10 Country Christmas Song # 2 - Christmas Cookies This infectious song is all about a guy who is telling his sweetie how much he loves her Christmas cookies. Apparently, he loves them so much !hat he eats them before she can even get the icing on them! The best line is, "Every time she sticks another batch in the oven, there's fifteen minutes for some kissin' and huggin'". Top 10 Country Christmas Song # 3 - "Christmas Shoes" This song, is reported by Wikipedia to have started as a viral internet legend that just might be one of the most touching songs ever written. I consider it country because of its gospel melody which is a big part of many country songs. It is a story about a little boy who wants to buy a new pair of shoes for his Mom who is dying and a stranger helps him pay for them. Top 10 Country Christmas Song #4 - "Dear Santa" A heart broken by her man is the subject of this Christmas song. A theme many women and men will be able to relate to in this line, "Dear Santa bring her a heart, the one she's got is broken, fill up her stocking with the words that I left unspoken." Top 10 Country Christmas Song # 5 - "I Only Want You for Christmas" The title speaks to the lyric content. The singer just wants his sweetie and that's enough as is driven home by the lyrics, "I only want you for Christmas, baby, I don't need nothing else, I only want you for Christmas, baby, Tie a ribbon 'round yourself." Top 10 Country Christmas Song # 6 - "Let it Be Christmas" This is a song hoping for peace and happiness around the world, a common Christmas theme with Alan's unique songwriting spin on it. Top 10 Country Christmas Song #7 - "Wrap me in Your Love" This song delivers the message every woman wants to hear. Joe sings this play on words, "Cause if the best things in life are free, there's nothing you could buy for me, your presence is enough, Wrap me in your love. Top 10 Country Christmas Song #8 - "All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan" As one might expect, Kenny is not wishing for a white Christmas but a Christmas where he can stick his toes in some warm, white sand. He is using his boyish charm and lyrical images of a Jimmy Buffet style Christmas to persuade his lady to agree to pack up and head for some beach somewhere (Oh, that's another song!). (Kenny, I'll join you on any island you choose!) Top 10 Country Christmas Song # 9 - "It Wasn't His Child" This is a song that takes a different angle and tells the story of Joseph and Jesus, father and son. It shines the light on the fact that Joseph accepted Mary's baby as his own. Very touching and gives listeners a fresh, thought provoking point of view of an ages-old story. Stuff that hit songs are made of. Top 10 Country Christmas Song #10 - "It Won't be Christmas without You" This 2002 song tells the sad tale.about the typical lonely heart alone at Christmas, but with this dynamic country duo singing it, you hear it in a whole new way. You don't know why she's gone and whose fault it was, but you want to help with a hug. Sure there are some songs will arouse you some happy, cherish, or memorable memory. No doubt it is nice and cool to choose a favorite one as your Christmas iPhone ringtone for free.