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  1. okay, well lately ive found out who my real friends are, and in particular one person who has especially been getting to me is this ex mate of mine who i thought i was pretty close to.

    recently i organised a meal for a group of people that for some unknown reason were all of a sudden excluded from 'the group' and our outings. in the process of organizing this meal for these supposed social pariahs i lost this friend among others. this one in particular took it very personally that she was not included, which seems silly to me that she cares that she wasnt around people she didnt care about enough to stay in contact with.

    she's an awful compulsive liar, with her lies being funny more than believable yet she continues to adamantly maintain they are true (i am the only one that has called her up on these untruths although the whole group bitches about her behind her back, which is one reason ive decided that my 'friends' should change cos apparently bitching is fine and normal).

    so basically i find music helps to calm me down or sort of put things at ease, any songs about new starts with new friends, or songs about backstabbers, songs about two faced friends or liars because i cant seem to find a lot that are that specific...

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