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  1. By Eric de Fontenay (MusicDish LLC Founder & Publisher) 2009-11-12 The music industry in China has significantly changed over the past couple of decades, from a tightly government-controlled propaganda pipeline into an increasingly powerful and sophisticated economic sector. Spearheading the way in China's entertainment industry is Kenny Bloom, music veteran of over 30 years, and Founder and CEO of VisiTek Holdings, Ltd. Born in New York City, Mr. Bloom, at age 56, has accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime, and he has no plans of slowing his pace. To say that his list of accomplishments is impressive would be a gross understatement. A winner of the Lincoln Center Award for Music Achievement at age 15, Bloom attended both Julliard and Manhattan Schools of Music Prep Departments. He joined Atlantic Records in 1977 (a subsidiary of the Warner Music Group) and launched KB communications in 1984, one of the first entertainment marketing companies. He formed a joint venture with China Film (China's film monopoly) in 1988 and secured the China license for the Warner Music library, which led to the first foreign owned PRC record company since 1949. Over the years, Bloom went on to produce numerous radio shows, television programs, concerts by internationally renowned artists, soundtracks, and Broadway plays. He is widely recognized as a major player in the entertainment industry. One might wonder if Bloom would be ready to ride on his reputation for a while, coasting through the years to come after having such an illustrious career. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, Bloom is moving faster, striking harder with a bold strategy to become a leading content producer. Leading the charge is MOGO (http://www.mogo.com.cn/), a video site covering the emerging independent music scene in China to the young, hip (undeserved) urban music consumer. I had an opportunity to interview Mr. Bloom regarding his past, and his vision for the future. It was one of the most enlightening, thought provoking, and inspirational interviews I've ever had the pleasure of doing. Q: You've had over 20 years experience in the Chinese music business, beginning with the launch of Warner Music China. What are some of the unique characteristics that have shaped its development? For one thing, massive piracy. The only business left now is ringtones and live shows. That said, there are more artists now then every before. 20 years ago there were half a dozen big pop stars and 4 rock bands. Now there are scores of pop stars and well over 300 working rock bands. Q: So what's sustaining that growth in the face of piracy? Basically, live shows. The entire industry is going through a global transition. China is no different in that regard. Q: There's been a lot of talk about the recent WTO decision opening the Chinese market to more Western entertainment, including music. The RIAA reaction to the decision was to state: "Enhancing the ability of the U.S. creative community to do business in China will generate needed revenue and jobs to the U.S. economy." This seems to fly in the face of the piracy problem. But having said that, do you believe that the decision will at least result in an increase in the international repertoire's share of the overall market? China's music market has a 98% mandarin language repertoire. It's what they like. The WTO decision is certainly not going to change the musical tastes of the Chinese consumers. And why should China embrace western music in a language they don't understand. Does the West embrace Chinese music? That's a totally open market. This has been an inane concept for quite some time, that every market has a pent up demand for Western culture. In a way, it sends a very disturbing message that "your culture is not as relevant". Q: Let's discuss the latest western invasion in China - Google's oPhone vs. Apple's iPhone, China Mobile vs. China Unicom... While the iPhone launch in China thus far has been disappointing, it is turning into a new platform being seized by indie bands and labels to release content and manage their fan base. How will the smart phone impact the Chinese music business? It will be a long time before smart phones are in the hands of the "average" Chinese consumer. They are just too expensive to have a huge impact outside of business applications. Q: But, the Chinese are super-status oriented and there is an upper-middle urban class. Why, when these products are launched in China, would they not be successful - especially with 400 million mobile users? Even with 400 million users, you are talking about a relatively small percentage of the population who are upper-middle urban class. Out of the total population, maybe 3% can be classified as such. And they're not necessarily listening to music, certainly not Western music. Q: Pepsi has been making big moves in China with their nationally televised Battle of the Bands "Vox Rock" and launch of their music label QMusic. Is Pepsi really serious about supporting the independent Chinese music scene? And if so, is this a model that will have legs in China (i.e., might we someday listen to Tsingtao's latest buzz band)? It is essential that corporate sponsors support the music industry. We are now seeing more of it focused on rock and hip-hop. But we also need local media to embrace those musical styles in order to build the consumer base. Otherwise, sponsors won't be able to quantify their investment in music that is outside of the mainstream. Q: Isn't QMusic much more than sponsorship? They're talking about developing and launching new bands, like Starbucks Hear Music. Let's see what they do. It's still too early to make judgments as they have not yet started their operations. Q: I have one final question for you. Mogo is something of a 21st century MTV-like pioneer in China. You are creating original and professionally produced WebTV content (not user-generated), in support of the emerging independent scene (art, music...). That's difficult enough in the West. What are some of the unique challenges you face – the consumer, the government, advertisers? It's China's own home-grown music TV station and all parties have been very supportive. The biggest challenge we are facing is finding qualified staff. Every company has problems finding experienced workers. Don't forget, the modern era of China is only 30 years old with most of the development coming in the past 10. The word of the day is "patience". It will all happen, but it will happen on China's terms.
  2. Url: http://www.kdlocal.com Sound: http://kirstendehaan.musicdish.net Alternative Rock singer/songwriter Kirsten DeHaan's EP "Thorns On A Crown" has begun to impact college radio in the Northeast, with over a dozen stations adding tracks from the October release. Kirsten will be making live appearance on Wednesday, November 11th at 5:30-6:30pm at WESU (Wesleyan College, Middletown CT - http://www.wesufm.org). Fans can help support Kirsten by calling the studio request line at WESU - 860 685 7700. The full EP is available for download on MusicSubmit and Music Alley. http://www.musicsubmit.com/KirstenDeHaan http://www.musicalley.com/music/listeners/artistdetails.php?BandHash=4f2fe79a84a45d84282f77206084c1a1 "I fell in love with Kirsten's music immediately! Her voice is a rare combination of edgy, sultry, sexy and bluesy that still rocks you to your feet! I'm a fan! And we are proud to have her music on BBS Radio!" Douglas Newsom, CEO of BBS Network, Inc. (BBS Radio) - WOZQ (Smith College in Northampton, MA) - ADDED 11/03 - CIUT (Univ Toronto, ON) - ADDED 10/5, "1984" - WRTC (Trinity College, CT) – ADDED 10/19 - WESU (AAA) (Wesleyan College, CT)- ADDED 9/29 - WFCS (Central Conn State, CT) – ADDED 10/21 - WAMH (Amherst Coll, MA) - ADDED 10/12 - WZBC (Boston College, MA) - ADDED 10/12 - WTBU (Boston Univ, MA) – ADDED 10/19 - WMUA (Univ Mass, MA) -ADDED 10/12,"1984" - WBER (AAA) (Monroe Univ- Rochester NY)- ADDED, "Ms Daisy" - WHRW (SUNY Binghamton, NY) – ADDED 10/19 - WRHU (Hofstra, Long Island NY) - ADDED 10/6 - WUSB (SUNY Stonybrook, Long Island NY) - ADDED 10/6 - WARC (Allegheny Univ, PA) - ADDED 9/29 - WCLZ (South Portland, Maine) - ADDED I'm Coming Home 10/10 & The Night Shift 10/20 "Thorns On A Crown" is by far her most mature work to date. In the current etch and sketch environment of musicians singing to beats generated by machines, it is refreshing to find an artist who wholeheartedly exudes meaning and truth, a feat that only a genuine musician can accomplish. She may be considered a newcomer to the music industry, but there is enough raw passion, talent, and promise on "Thorns On A Crown" to say definitively that Kirsten DeHaan will around for many years to come. "Thorns On A Crown" Tracklisting: 1) 1984 "1984" skillfully maneuvers its way from beginning to end as DeHaan puts her vocal range along with a knack for soothing tones to good use, singing in a soft, but gutsy manner. The guitar playing over a catchy beat works well with her voice to produce a sultry and graceful fusion of folk and rock. 2) Double Or Nothing DeHaan produces a well-crafted, solid folk-rock tune with passionate delivery over a foot-tapping guitar melody in "Double Or Nothing." The sharpness of her lyrics and gritty tone gives the song a freshness That will keep any listener engaged, even after multiple plays. 3) The Night Shift "The Night Shift" delves into the very familiar territory of love as DeHaan's candor and humility together make this song easy to relate to. DeHaan's voice captures the feelings of a woman waiting and thirsting for love. Even the silences between notes seem to shout out her vulnerability. 4) I'm Coming Home A piercing harmonica complements the delicacy in DeHaan's sweet voice in "I'm Coming Home." The layered sound and musicality gives a classic rock feel that is emphasized by the 'call and response' between DeHaan and the harmonica. 5) Ms. Daisy "Ms. Daisy" builds a sweet melody around the idea of hope. Initially, the song seems inconspicuous and gentle, but DeHaan's voice is so melodious and colorful, it quickly works its way into the listener's heart and soul. About Kirsten DeHaan Kirsten DeHaan is a true jack of all musical trades. Not just a talented singer/songwriter and guitarist, she promotes her music via her label SirLady Records, does various philanthropic work for American soldiers in the Middle East, and is a strong and active proponent of the New York indie music scene. DeHaan stomped onto the indie music scene to rave reviews in 2004 with her first album release "Conform." Critics compared her music to that of Nirvana, U2, and Belly. Her music has been downloaded over 1 million times via various peer-to-peer sites and featured on the hit reality shows Made and My Super Sweet Sixteen. Declaring "Conform" to be one of the most popular records next to the Killers and Ashlee Simpson by FreshFarmMusic.com, DeHaan was among five artists chosen for Men's Vogue/Hennessey Flaunt Your Taste Critics Choice Awards.
  3. STARCODE - NYC based popular rock band releases new album called "A Fine Line." "I Found A Way," the first single off the album is a Top 40 radio ready hit and creating lots of buzz at college radio in Maryland and around the country. STARCODE's unique sound, with powerful catchy hooks, has garnered much attention for the band. They were asked to perform with The Goo Goo Dolls, Fono, Smash Mouth, The Claypeople, Buckcherry, Belly and Pete Francis. The band's sound has been compared to Third Eye Blind, Lit, Blink 182, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. STARCODE recently performed live at the Billboard Magazine office in New York City - they packed the room with almost the entire staff in attendance. Everyone was very excited about their music. The band recently performed at a charity benefit in Albany to raise money for Samaritans Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Some proceeds from sales of "A Fine Line" will be donated to Samaritansnyc.org. The band has also toured the east coast as well as the former Czech Republic for the DOD entertaining UN troops. STARCODE was officially booked for the CMJ Music Conference in New York City at Alphabet Lounge on October 23, 2009. They packed the house. The backbone of STARCODE is the O'Connor brothers; Dave O'Connor on bass guitar and lead vocals and Dan O'Connor on drums and vocals. The brothers O'Connor, joined by Steve Bernstein on guitar and Greg Nicotra also on guitar, create catchy, multi-layered pop melodies and interwoven guitars and loops creating songs that electrify the listener. STARCODE members Dan O'Connor and Steve Bernstein have a successful history together – they used to play with MILC who was signed to Megaforce Records. STARCODE is managed by Michele L. Larsen of Lady Larsen Entertainment, LLC. Quotes: "Starcode likely won't stay unsigned for long as their brand of music teeters on angst-free but still carries a modern message by way of a softer sound. Excellent guitars, excellent harmonies. And no, it's not Billy Corgan. It's better." - Local Vertical Blog "...And after wearing out the repeat button on my stereo system while listening to this whole album the past few days, it's no wonder why STARCODE has garnered so much attention..." – Charlie Doherty, Blogcritics Magazine "The mix of influences and the raw musical delivery of each member of STARCODE comes together delivering high energy hooky pop music, doing to the ears what fine wine does to the pallet." - Dale Penner, Producer "In a world where music conglomerates promote carbon copies and rip offs of other bands, STARCODE keeps it real. Not only is STARCODE the premiere rock band of the new generation, but their style of "high energy dark pop rock" music is what sets them apart from other musical acts." - Timesunion.com "A Fine Line," the bands finest work to date, has been a year in the making. The album was produced, mixed, and engineered by Dale Penner who has worked with Nickleback, Matthew Good, and Econoline Crush. Top level videos for "Found A Way" and "Don't Jump" are in the process of being completed. Please visit http://www.starcode.com and http://www.myspace.com/starcode
  4. Url: http://www.jalopy.biz Sound: http://www.rufusmusic.com/rufus/music.html Celloist extraordinaire Rufus Cappadocia will perform at the Jalopy on Saturday, October 31st at 8:30 p.m. along with special guests Gaida Hinawi (Voice Syria) & Yacouba Denke Denke (Fulani Flute & Vocals Niger). There is a $15 cover charge for the show. Rufus Cappadocia and guests Gaida Hinawi & Yacouba Denke Denke @ Jalopy 315 Columbia Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 395-3214 http://www.jalopy.biz/ Rufus Cappadocia is one of the leading voices on the cello today. From the modalities of Middle Eastern, West African and pan-European folk forms to blues, rock and jazz along the way, adding elements American roots, Mediterranean textures, and Caribbean percussion for good measure, Cappadocia's effortless and natural embrace of all music is awe-inspiring. Rufus will be playing his new 5 string cello and quartertone baritone guitar. http://www.rufusmusic.com/ http://bethanyandrufus.musicdish.net
  5. Url: http://www.barbesbrooklyn.com/calendar.html New World/Folk/Roots group The Bethany and Rufus Roots Quartet will be performing at Barbes in Brooklyn, New York on Friday, October 30, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. The Roots Quartet includes the duo Bethany and Rufus (Bethany Yarrow and Rufus Cappadocia), along with Fulani flutist Yacouba "Denke Denke" and Afro Haitian drummer 'Bonga' Jean-Baptiste. The foursome will be performing tracks from their live 12 track CD "Live A Fip" released in Europe on October 22nd as a co- production with Radio France and Daqui Records. Bethany And Rufus Roots Quartet @ Barbes Friday, October 30, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. 376 9th Street (corner of 6th Avenue) Park Slope, Brooklyn (347) 422-0248 http://www.barbesbrooklyn.com/ One reviewer describes "Live A Fip," as "like nothing you've ever heard before. Styles from everywhere and anywhere come together seamlessly. One hears distinctly Afro-Cuban rhythms pop under driving bass lines, folksy lyrics and screaming flute. "Death Don't Have No Mercy" is particularly characteristic of this mixing and meshing. The cello is inescapably funky, the bongos complexify the rhythms, the flute line seethes with fiery reverberance, and Bethany's vocals lament the world in a way that only American folk music can." Bethany as the daughter of legendary 60's Folk singer Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary) draws from the many songs that her father collected as part of the seminal folk movement of the 60s. Yacouba has dug deeply into the folkloric Hausa, Djerma, Peul and Songhai traditions of Niger and Bonga is the descendant of a very rich lineage of Vodou ceremonial drumming and song. Bonga has also traveled extensively through Haiti collecting and learning the different manifestations of Haitian song and folklore. Rufus has taken the cello into previously unknown realms and is noted for his collaborations in African, Arabic, and American music forms and also has a solo CD Songs for Cello on the Daqui label. Individually all of the members of the group have been instrumental in expanding the role of traditional forms in their respective musics. It is with this background that they have come together to create a sound that although based around the song forms of American traditional music reaches back to a common root that has inspired everyone involved. http://bethanyandrufus.musicdish.net http://www.bethanyandrufus.com/ http://www.myspace.com/bethanyandrufus http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.aspx?epk_id=152608
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