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  1. Today, 365 days ago – you touched me “let me show you something†Your eyes were searching, while fear, excitement froze mine “I promise this won’t be sexual†And never was it so - In any of the stolen moments which followed. We both met our matches Bewildered - Callousness overrides our passions Inner honesty – attraction The same, we turned out to be No dreams, no hopes - Just the now Time – stolen – back seats Long distance, wish fullness Hours on line, Communication gaps Longing – Wishing - Wanting Steamy tables, Countertops, chairs A degree of furniture “How serious are you†Was our undoing A year past, who would have believed Didn’t plan on this To give up all for you But never asked the same Duty binds you, molds you Makes me love you more It hurts - understanding now In another reality We would flame each other burn Soul mates Would this have been true? I wanted control as did you Now I see – feel – know You give more then you know Finally I understood what it took For you to give For days, months I felt unworthy Your eyes were brave You word were true As your shacking body and eyes of hurt said: “I love you†It showed you didn’t want too For fear losing to much Your hands made me hope I hated it, yet I came addicted And wanted only that - No responsibility no stones Just us! Craving a fairytale I want the fairytale I want the dream Only now in the wee hours of morning Obligations –mattering to make others happy…to do our duty “Freedom is in the head†You were right Prisoner of life – You are my freedom To where I run To hide from reality To take the mask off & be just me One year of an affair I told myself that To make you feel better Lying to us “This has never, was never and will never be one†Still now…it isn’t But duty Overpowers us Stolen moments of truth Until it is no longer enough.
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