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    Has anyone ever heard of Woodstock Festival?

    I think I have seen almost every performer who played Woodstock at one time or another, just in individual concerts.
  2. Pattie Lennon

    Worst voice ever

    There are some good (bad) ones on here, especially Leonard Cohen. Love his songs. Hate his voice. I think I'll add Michael Jackson to the list. Highly over-rated and he just grates on me vocally. I think if he might stop with all the vocal gestures, it would be much more tolerable.
  3. Pattie Lennon

    Best male voice of all time

    In this order: 1. John Lennon 2. Cat Stevens 3. Seal 4. James Taylor 5. Billy Joel 6. Marvin Gaye 7. Freddy Mercury 8. Roy Orbison 9. Sam Cooke 10. Paul Simon
  4. Pattie Lennon

    Most Influential Bands ever

    They got it right, at least for the #1 spot!
  5. Pattie Lennon

    Will the Beatles reunite?

    I have that magazine myself! Yeah, I remember those days too...hoping and praying that it was true and that they would come to their senses and start making music together again. I didn't care if they toured or not, I just wanted the music. I would love to have heard, for example, the full Beatles version of a song like "Instant Karma" or "Band On The Run". Fun to think about...
  6. Pattie Lennon

    Songfacts turning ten, 1999-2009

    Wow...all this time and I never knew there was a forum for Songfacts! Well, I'm here now...ten years after. Good band.