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  1. I don't understand - Shaw afb? I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  2. I still can't believe Michael Jackson has passed away.
  3. You're avatar certainly shows that you are!
  4. And i want to get away from this humidity. But I know I'm going to miss it after I go off to London to study....
  5. Thank you Shawna! I am working as a Business Consultant for a development organization mandated to alleviate poverty. I am also a part time teacher
  6. Trying to write a letter to my boyfriend for his birthday. I wanted to make something and send it over to London, but I was out of ideas. I prefer to make him gifts rather than buying 'em - seems more personal that way. I don't think I'm doing a very good job with the letter though...feels like I've already said this stuff before
  7. If you just play, then you're anything but retired from life! You're having much more fun than most young people
  8. I know what you mean! This happens to me too.
  9. I have such random episodic dreams....I'd love to throw some of those at a shrink....I bet he/she'd have a fit trying to figure it out! Or maybe they'll draw the easiest conclusion - Fariha, you're schizophrenic.
  10. Don't worry, I am quite aware of that! And thank you. So what do you do?
  11. The summers here are AWFUL! The heat, the humidity....it's unbearable!
  12. Now you have to work for more than an hour a day, like the rest of us!
  13. Murphy's law certainly is funny...AND it's true!
  14. ((Wow formal much?! )) Dear Sir: I am pleased and honoured to be a part of Songfacts and to learn that my posts are being enjoyed by you. I hope our fruitful interactions continue. Sincerely Fariha.
  15. I knew you would! Oh man, I'm dying for a smoke but I'm trying to quit
  16. So what kind of a job is it? WHat do you have to do?
  17. You're done with work? Man, how many hours do you work? 1? I need a job like that!
  18. True that! It seems these rankings don't take into account our personal attributes!
  19. How could I have made that mistake! The Walrus
  20. And it grinds my gears that I can't do that anymore!!
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