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  1. Coming back to the original question of whether men and women define love in the same way - first of all, I think "love" represents different things fr different people, regardless of gender. I don't believe in generalizations so I don't believe there's a set definition of love for women that's separate from what a man might think. There are similarities, however, that can't be denied. I, personally, thought I'd been in love way more times than I actually had (which I later realized!). About expressing love, I think it again varies from person to person. I know women who'd rather express their love for other halves thorugh actions rather than words, and I know men who'd go all out and keep telling the other person how much he loves her.
  2. Why thank you. It's part of a poem by Robert Frost.
  3. trying to focus through my headache, waiting for the clock to strike 5 so I can get the hell out and preparing a questionnaire for a study we have to do next week...
  4. It's not that hot (by our standards anyway) and I am likin' it!
  5. Chilling at home. Called in sick at work today
  6. Gasoline!! Rock or Rap?
  7. Just had lunch - rice, chicken curry and pumpkin - yum!
  8. LOL And its eyes are saying - it wasn't my fault, I swear!!
  9. AWWW!! I want a puppy too! But we're not allowed to have animals in our apartment building AND I have no time to take care of one
  10. I started reading "One Hundred Years of Solitude" when I was in school but I didn't enjoy it much. I suppose it's because I was too young back then. I should try to read it again. I am reading 'The Chamber' by John Grisham at the moment...it's kind of boring in parts, but it has interesting bits too!
  11. Some people think they know it all...LORD! it's so annoying!
  12. That is awesome!! My colleagues are awesome!
  13. Congrats!! I am in love myself and I know how wonderful it is Good luck!
  14. Planes - faster. Blue eyes or Brown?
  15. Just had lunch...trying to decide whether to have a smoke or not...
  16. Well done! As for sweetening of my coffee - the stock market's rising...and so are my potential profits! :rock:
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