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  1. yeah i know that. and i have to go to counciling every week. how did you cope with losing your younger brother?
  2. i wasnt using depression as a "crutch" thankyou very much. and ive had it checked out by a doctor so im not just saying i have depression cause i feel sad. and if you have ever had depression then you would realise how hard it is to just get up out of bed in the morning let alone go for a walk or buy a freakin dog(besides i already have a family dog). if you think im looking for sympathy then you would be complety mistaken. and im sorry that im making you angry, i never meant to.
  3. yeah i know. your right. im just taking this one step at a time. you know its pretty hard to deal with all this stuff when you have severe depression.
  4. haha no they are great lol
  5. it has a male singer and acourstic guitar
  6. haha we do have good beaches. and i have been writing a bit of poetry. take a look at it and tell me what you think: Absent Abroad
  7. sorry guys but yet again im short on what i remember. all i remember are the lyrics: i've been thinking 'bout tomorrow(or the future) thanks in advance guys
  8. yeah i know, your absolutely right. i have my life ahead of me and i need to get on with it. but i cant stop myself from thinking about her all the time. and im constantly worried about her. i feel ive let her down. she needs me now and i cant be there to give her the support she needs. she has had quite a traumatic life. her father was a drunk and used to abuse her and her mum. she has moved several times. she has had some abusive boyfriends. and she still needs support, support that cant only be over the phone or on msn.
  9. yeah your probly right Lucky. this is going to sound silly, considering that you are 40 years older than me and therefor have far superior experience in life than myself, but even though i am so youthful and have many years ahead of me, i feel tired and weary on the inside as though ive lived a full life.
  10. yeah your right. my girl has always been a sensible person, even more so considering that she is a teenager. i guess i am depressed. mostly i keep it in to myself but sometimes i just let it all out, like right now.
  11. yeah it is sometimes. im trying to keep a long distance relationship with my girlfriend but i can feel she is starting to pull away. im so stupid i cry myself to sleep every single night. she tells me to look at the positive things on life, and i do try, but i mostly end up getting all sad.
  12. omg i cried when i listened to We Might As Well Be Strangers :'( its so similar to how i feel
  13. i left cause my dad got a promotion. i was only 13 when we moved to sydney from brisbane.
  14. im dedicating Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol to my dearest Laura.
  15. right now im in my bed listening to music while i think of all the things i could have done with my life and regret not doing.
  16. I miss my all of my friends that are back in Brisbane. I miss my best friend, Lachlan, who has always been there for me. But the person i miss most of all is Laura, the person i love most in the whole world. I miss her smile and laugh and i miss just being able to talk to her. I wish i had never had to leave. It's so hard to get through the day sometimes. I miss you guys :'(
  17. i agree...yet im the one that made it lol
  18. lol and why would that be...?
  19. 1 year, give or take, is fine lol
  20. Just say the name of the person you love. I'll start: Laura
  21. Can you please give me some feedback on this poem i wrote. thanks I miss your voice it was the most beautiful noise I never thought i'd see you again And it created the most depressing pain After i saw you on that rainy day I felt myself start to break away I miss your smile It radiated such style I still see it in my dreams Where it shines and gleams The happiness while dreaming It leaves my eyes streaming But blissful dreams arent all i get Others are full of death and regret I look back now This tradgedy, how did i allow? I should have seen it coming But the bliss i felt was entirely numbing I guess i just wanted to say That even though im far away If you close your eyes You may find a surprise Im waiting for you up the stream In a golden dream But as you awake You see that only one could partake
  22. lol incredibly! infact you could make a career out of it
  23. haha that was a pretty good guess
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