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  1. I dunno, aside from the small percentage of Americans who actually know about, follow, support or generally don't deride football, I can't really think of anyone who'd be too upset if they hadn't, referee issues or not. :P

    It's interesting to see the Boateng brothers competing though... random Simpsons quote from the little league hockey episode:

    Homer: "I want to see you both fighting for your parents' love! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" (while he flicks the light on and off) :D

  2. The whole thing is a mess. Anelka should have kept his opinions to himself and Evra certainly shouldn't have led or continue to lead what, at this point, is a rather pointless protest. Just play. If by some stroke of luck they advance, fine if not, bow out gracefully. I think their image has been tarnished enough without more of this nonsense.

  3. I missed the first two matches again, I really got to start scheduling vacation time off work for these tournaments. But seriously Germany what was that? I'm all for the underdog and I like Serbia as a team, but really coming off such an amazing performance, Germany should have done better. My sincerest condolances Martin.

    Now everyone please pray for us because David James is in net and if you thought Green did badly that's nothing to what James has done in his time. :P

  4. ^LOL, while I sympathize I'm actually in the opposite situation, I wanted to watch the first two matches (especially Argentina vs South Korea), but missed both cause I had to work. I still have to watch the new Dr. Who episode I didn't see last week because, again, work, but which I have all set up for after this match. These couple free hours are my reward. :D

    And don't worry you're not missing much, except a significant reduction in the vuvuzela din, you can actually hear some fans.

  5. tonight is France vs Mexico... let's see if France plays any better than their first match

    Not so far, 0-0 just after 35 minutes and Mexico is doing quite well, putting a bit of pressure on France's defense.

    Apparantly its pretty cold for them tonight, but at least the players on the bench look quite comfy in their blankets. :D

    And yes tomorrow's matches look to be quite entertaining... provided we don't lose. :P

  6. I anticipated another top 20, and you should be thankful I was able to narrow it down that far. :P

    1. Sour Times - Portishead

    2. 007 (Shanty Town) - Desmond Dekker (I was actually going to nominate this one or "Rude Boy Train" in the Top Ten last week, but I totally forgot.)

    3. Rottweillers - Nerve Rack

    4. Psyche - Killing Joke

    5. Babylon's Burning - The Ruts (from one of my all-time favourite, and, IMO, best debut albums)

    6. Embrace - Low

    7. Ampersand - Amanda Palmer

    8. In Spite Of These Times - The Close Lobsters

    9. C'mon Let's Go - Girlschool

    10. Tower Of Strength - Rudimentary Peni

    11. Beyond The Threshold - Husker Du

    12. Sycamore - Bill Callahan

    13. Rosevel - The Triffids

    14. Asbestos Lead Asbestos - World Domination Enterprises

    15. Red Sleeping Beauty - McCarthy

    16. Spirit Ditch - Sparklehorse

    17. How To Hate The Working Classes - Luke Haines

    18. Do The Standing Still - The Table

    19. I Envy The Wind - Lucinda Williams

    20. My Favourite Dress - The Wedding Present

    And the Undertones, the Chameleons, Smack, Liars etc.

    I was considering 1,2,5 and 6 for my PTT. I'm a little disappointed my beloved Huskers or Bill Callahan just missed out... take it easy on me, would ya. ;)

  7. ^Good news for us then. :D

    But terrible news for RSA, the goalkeeper has been red-carded, they have to sacrifice Peinaar (their best player) and they're facing a penalty kick from Forlan. This could be it for them, unless they beat France later. :(

    2-0, 9 minutes left.

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