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  1. Oops, thanks Bluesboy. The date typo is now fixed. I run Classic Pop Icons and came across this CD when I was updating the new releases page. I was pretty surprised by the price, particularly in the UK. This could point towards a series of deluxe releases being on the way of course, as Born to Run and Darkness have already gone that way. The latter set is of course quite pricey though.
  2. I'd have gone with The Animals' cover of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, instead of Santa Esmeralda's.
  3. Thought I'd give you all a heads up on an amazing value Bruce Springsteen box set. If you like Bruce, here's a chance to get his first 7 albums (including Born to Run, The River, Darkness on the Edge of Town and Born in the USA)for the kind of price you might expect to pay for a 2-CD greatest hits. It's not too exciting if you already have the albums, but it's excellent for those who have nothing or only the greatest hits. Here's the info: Bruce Springsteen Collection - 1973-1984
  4. The great Janis Joplin died 40 years ago today. Here's a small tribute: http://www.classicpopicons.com/janis-joplin-40th-anniversary-tribute/
  5. Tom Jones has pulled the Johnny Cash trick and teamed up with a talented producer to deliver an inspired roots album. It's the best thing he has done in years. Full review of Tom Jones - Praise and Blame here: http://www.classicpopicons.com/tom-jones-praise-blame-review/
  6. Big news for fans of John Lennon, with the announcement that remastered versions of each of his eight solo albums will be released in October, along with two collector's box sets featuring unreleased material: http://www.classicpopicons.com/john-lennon-solo-albums-remastered/ Should be very cool :-)
  7. Yes Sir Tom has hit 70 years old. He's also about to release what I think will be a very good album, if his version of "What Good Am I?" is anything to go by. Here's a tribute - a vid for each decade: http://www.classicpopicons.com/happy-70th-birthday-tom-jones/
  8. Must have been a temporary blip Edna. The link is fine.
  9. Yes it's been forty years since McCartney announced he was leaving the Beatles and brought an end to the most popular band ever. I've marked the occasion with this piece: http://www.classicpopicons.com/the-beatles-break-up-forty-years-on/
  10. Hard to imaging them generating that much from just reissues, but the unissued stuff should do well. I think they will be creative though and not just rely on album sales. Expect a Michael Jackson Rock Band style game and other such ventures.
  11. What a turnaround since Michael Jackson's death. Jackson's estate has now signed a music deal with Sony worth up to $250 million over seven years. That's the biggest music deal of all time! More here... Michael Jackson Sony music deal
  12. Considering their age and the fact that the band is depleted, I think they pulled it off. We can't expect Daltrey to have the pipes he had 30 years ago. It was fairly solid stuff though. The whole thing is here, along with the interview and acoustic performance at the press conference: http://www.classicpopicons.com/the-who-halftime-super-bowl-show/
  13. Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton have announced that they are playing some shows together next month. Should be worth catching. More info here: http://www.classicpopicons.com/jeff-beck-and-eric-clapton-unite-for-tour/
  14. Bruce Springsteen was presented with a Kennedy Center award by President Obama at the weekend. A richly deserved award for The Boss. More info, including a video of Obama's tribute to Bruce, is here: http://www.classicpopicons.com/springsteen-collects-award-from-president-obama/
  15. Lodi by Creedence, which was the B-side to Bad Moon Rising. Check it out :-) http://www.classicpopicons.com/americanrock/video/rCJaG6n8xFA/Creedence-Clearwater-Revival-Lodi-1969.html
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