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  1. My first thought was "Ride on time" by Black Box (see ). But it has a female voice and is not really a rock song. But it was a hit in 1989!
  2. Thank you all for your fast reply, I also googled before asking and found 1 page with a low quality mp3 file. So I thought the source could be an official release. Maybe someone else has got an idea..... Uwe
  3. Hello, I have just another tricky question: Does anybody know an officiall release of the live duet sung by Leonard Cohen & Joan Baez of the song "Joan Of Arc"? Thank you Uwe
  4. "Deck Of Cards" by T. Texas Tyler is a spoken song (I think so I only know the German version) "If" by Telly Savalas is spoken with a little melody in the chorus.
  5. Lucky, you did a fantastic job! You cannot imagine how LUCKY I am now ! I will try to get a record copy of it as soon as possible (and there are some auctions at ebay!) Thanks a lot!!! Uwe (aramis)
  6. Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express: From station to station back to Dusseldorf City Meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie
  7. Hello from Germany, sorry if my English is not the best one. Digitalising my cassettes I found a song, which was performed in the mids of the 70s. It is a parody on well known artists of this time and it is done as if they were singing nursery rhymes. It starts with "Roxy Music" and continues with Rubettes ("Humpty Dumpty"), someone I cannot identify (may be Elvis or Cliff Richard?), Steve Harley&Cockney Rebel and Gary GLitter ("Ring-a-ring-a-roses"). At the end the band sings with their original voices in a rocky way. I think this song entered the british charts, but not in a hi
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