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  1. lol well they had hella long blonde hair.. prolly mid back. it was pin straight and as blonde as you can get.. it wasnt all teased like poison or sumtin..
  2. ugh i have no clue.. thought it was them.. someone with gorgeous long blonde hair...
  3. sorry thats def not the one.. im thinking its the Nelson twins.. i think they are running out of a house.. and the yard possibly has lots of junk in it like cars and stuff
  4. this song is absolutely beautiful.. i love the metaphors for everything.. its like he is telling the whole world bout wat happened but in a way that only the one it is about will understand
  5. i think it is a Nelson song.. but the video is obviously these two gorgeous long blonde hair guys.. they are running from something.. and they slide across the hood of a car... that is all i can remember .. i was only a child when i saw it.. cant get it out of my head and cant figure it out....
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