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  1. Top Ten Reasons You Shouldn't Wear A Thong

    10. Nowhere to keep your keys.

    9. Overflow or outspill.

    8. Those ridiculous tan lines.

    7. Camel toe

    6. You're scaring the customers!

    5. Your butt's got more dimples than a golf ball

    4. Skidmarks (old and new)

    3. Two words: anal warts

    2. A single wedgie could be fatal.


  2. Sorry about that ,Phil. I really am. :( I wish I'd started the league earlier now to give you and maybe others more notice, but it was rather a spontaneous decision when some people continued to show interest up to the final days of pre-season.

    I held off the draft as long as possible and we just got our teams the night/morning of opening day. I was kinda taken by surprise that we could even go forward with it , and expected to scrap it , as we had only 3 players interested two days prior .

  3. Draft is finished , so sorry for the short notice but you'll have to get active players in the lineup to start collecting points right away as the first games for some begin tomorrow/today (Thurs. March 31st ).No big deal if you forget or don't see this or the Yahoo! notice in time though as it just saves a position used up for another game in the future .

  4. Well , we have only 3 signed up for the points league so far , so I guess we'll suspend going forward with a draft for the time being . If we get some interest in the next couple days then we can proceed but, if not ,we'll just play the one league this season.

    Since the points league is likely the most simple of all the leagues ,I don't think a last second draft would bother anyone if the situation permits . :)

  5. No? Hmmm . Not by clicking either Edit League Settings or Edit Stat categories ? It's gotta be there somewhere . If it's not in Commish tools , maybe try anything pertaining to settings and take a look. It may even have a name you weren't looking for , so take a look at each pitching stat related item that may possibly be it .

    Unfortunately, it's not a factor in the points league so I can't help you more specifically as it doesn't appear anywhere in those tools or settings .

  6. Started up 'Songfact's VII 2011 Points' league ,too,if any are still interested in playing that as well . We'll see how many sign up by Sunday 12 midnight US EST before going ahead with it though . Not much point with less than 6 players ,I think . Draft will be shortly after that if we have enough interest .

    Remember , you can use your draft pick order from head-to-head in this league as well, or make a new one , or leave it to fate as I usually do .

    Custom League Name : Songfact's VII 2011 Points

    Password : Carl

  7. One suggestion about minimum innings pitched per week ,Rocky: if I read correctly ,you have them currently set at 7. That seems very low and not even a variable for players to have to consider in the game since one starting pitcher alone could often complete 7 himself.

    We've used 19 innings before , and even that seemed rather low and never a problem for players to reach . With so many pitching positions to fill , why not raise it a bit ? Enough so that people need to keep it in mind and try to play regularly, but low enough that it isn't a burden , and everyone can reach it almost every week with an average rotation of SPs ( for those weeks where people are busy or off on a holiday, in an earthquake ;) , etc. ) and relievers.

    Maybe just my thought though .

  8. I have one question about the stats categories you've chosen : Blown saves . My understanding of head to head would be that the player with the most in many categories would win that particular one -except for era , for ex.

    I'm guessing that you would want the player with fewer blown saves to win the category , but are you certain that Yahoo! will count it that way ? If not , it could become an odd game in that we'd be trying to get crappy closers in order to have the most blown saves . There were a few other categories like that which I avoided choosing in the past in case it made for a game that rewarded poor play rather than success, like strikeouts ; I couldn't find any info to confirm whether the player with the most or the least would win that category , so I omitted having it . :D

  9. Boy , you aren't kidding ,Farin . :o

    As for this volcano , I dont know what kind of news you guys are getting , but there isn't a single word of any volcano troubles here . :confused: And even if there were , I'd gladly take that over the power plants troubles being 120 miles or so from the site .

    Worse comes to worst , I hope it'll at least give me super -powers or something ... ;)

    Right now , however , my thoughts -and I hope yours - are with the technicians who are being rotated in and out of that place likely getting a years dosage of radiation in 2 hours and no idea of what that will mean but doing it anyway . I've often said the word hero is often overused today , but not in this case . They are not only helping Japan , but perhaps the entire world to varying extents .


  10. Yeah, of course Marc . No safety issues on the golf course. To be honest ,it was pretty cool feeling the ground buckle , vibrate and waves pass under your feet. During one jolt, I tried to walk and it was exactly like when you are really loaded or dizzy and trying to walk . I was just out of the city in the suburbs/countryside at the time and had no idea if there was any major damage , but guessed there must be somewhere . Feel a little silly now for laughing and enjoying it so much at the time . The other golfers thought I must be nuts . :D

    Got up this morning and went to the supermarket . Huge line-ups , but I was there early . Weird watching the controlled panic buying of some people ( some were a bit much though ) . Fortuntely , we are pretty well stocked up already and I've considered for years what I would buy/loot or need in case just such a thing happened. I bought a 15 gallon plastic jug for water and the wife can fill it at the hospital she works at . Oddly , no one else seemed to think of buying one -nor batteries ( for my Coleman lantern if the power goes out again) but you can't buy a cup noodle for 20 square miles around here :laughing: .

    Lots of aftershocks though . Most are small , usual tremors Im used to, but some step it up.About 2 or 3 an hour now . Fortunately, theres a public park right next to me...my new 'facilities ' . Feel like I'm back in the army or camping . :laughing:

    Right now , the biggest concern is that nuclear reactor's possible meltdown if they can't cool the core .It's only 150 miles away .If that blows , all the little inconveniences right now are nothing . Also ,I just bought 3 cans of beer , and sure enough they blew a bit when I opened them -all shaken up . Thats a drag . :P :laughing:

    Great haiku ,Steel ! :thumbsup: :cool:

  11. Yes , both Yoomi and I are fine .

    The apartment got trashed -like someone had come in and vandalized it , but all in all , not too bad -mostly just broken glass and piles of books after cleaning up . We had no power , gas or water for most of yesterday. This morning , so far, everything is back except water .

    So ,don't let most of those tv images worry you . Those weren't the effects in our area very much .

    I was actually outside golfing when it hit , and Yoomi was working at the hospital , so we likely couldn't have been in better places if we had planned to . :D

    Let you know more later . Internet and phone service is spotty , and I hope they can keep the power going . Its kinda neat watching CNN talk about YOU for a change . Maybe I can meet Anderson 'bad news ' Cooper . :D . Later .

  12. :laughing: :laughing:

    Fair enough , but I just know that I don't want cyberjudge in cause he ain't no closer .That dude gives up on a game as soon as he decides he can't win it or for one reason or another he won't care to explain , and I hate that kinda player - just getting through a season as best as you can is a badge of honor to start with.Two seasons of the same and you are guilty as charged -no trial necessary . :D

  13. ^ :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

    Sammy will likely end up like Charlie ,too ; at the bottom of the list after a crack fueled draft... To rephrase : What will Sammy be doing this year ? Whining !


    Hey all .Wow , things sure have changed around here .New outlay , etc . FANCY ! :D

    Anyway , been thinking about this for a week or so and lo and behold , you guys are up and running .Nice - and no chasing people around , either ...well done ,Rocky . Tell me your secret . ;)

    So ...just head to head this year ? Thats cool . I had the two leagues going for a couple of reasons before . One was to invite newcomers and any number of folk ( odd or even ) , and the other was that after a couple of months , it may keep some people playing if they are way out of one or the other .

    Anyway ,I guess I'll take a seat on the stand by bench till we can get another player to even it out . No big deal . Its early still . Joseph ?!?! You can't talk Phillies this year AT ALL without getting the post deleted unless you play ... :D

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