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  1. I'm listening to Gordon Goodwin's Act Your Age album.
  2. I stumbled upon this artist named Arden Kaywin. I really like her music. It is a pop/alternative album with a quirkiness that adds unique taste. I heard that Kaywin will be releasing a video soon. I recommend Arden Kaywin and her music is definitely pop/alternative with the twist. Check her out at www.myspace.com/ardenkaywin
  3. I stumbled upon this jazz artist Gordon Goodwin. He is an Emmy award winner and his music was used in many Motion Pictures such as Incredibles. Goodwin and his band – The Big Phat Band – generate a high energy jazz that excites the listeners. Goodwin’s ability to combine jazz with any kind of music sets apart from other jazz band. He takes traditional big band music into contemporary compositions in genres of Latin, blues, classical, and even rock. You can learn more about him on his website www.gordongoodwin.com
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