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  1. I love that list Shawna, 3 Tool songs and 1 A Perfect Circle song. ^^
  2. "Rock & Roll Train" ~ AC/DC "Devour" ~ Shinedown "Sound of Madness" ~ Shinedown
  3. 1.Sober - Tool (1993) 2.Hurt - Nine Inch Nails (1995) 3.My Hero - Foo Fighters (1998) 4.Unforgiven, The - Metallica (1991) 5.Vasoline - Stone Temple Pilots (1994) 6.Plateau - Nirvana (1994) 7.Eruption - Van Halen (1978) 8.Not For You - Pearl Jam (1994) 9.Unbelievable - EMF (1991) 10.Everybody's Everything - Santana (1971)
  4. My first thought was to see the guy again. Then I started thinking and came up with the conclusion that maybe the sister has some sort of relation with the man. Why else would the man be at the mothers funeral?
  5. There I go breaking the rules again. Could somebody please hold my hold and give me a helmet?
  6. Anybody see the Pauly Shore movie BioDome? Yea, Well in it they talk about a Chipmunk ingesting fertilizer, spontaneously combusting and setting several house on fire. That news feed reminded me of it..lol
  7. Well then my 2nd pick is 2. Hurt ~ Nine Inch Nails
  8. Yep. I'm here to stay. Hopefully.
  9. Oops, I only checked the first list, didn't see that Hurt was on the second one (Amazing song). I'll go with: 1. Sober ~ Tool 2.Aerials ~ System of a Down Is it at all possible for me to Pick the Original Hurt? By Trent Reznor (NIN)?
  10. I changed my Choices, please dont over look them.
  11. I swear...I almost cried looking at that list. Not a single Tool song? Well here you go: 1. Sober ~ Tool (1993) 2. Always ~ Saliva (2003) 2. Hurt ~ Johnny Cash (NIN cover) (2002) Wait wait wait! I change my mind.
  12. Oh oh oh! Didn't see this topic. I want to be a Tool Fish
  13. 1. The Unforgiven (Original) - Metallica 2.One – U2 3.Lean on Me – Bill Withers 4.Jeremy – Pearl Jam 5.Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran 6.Sabotage – Beastie Boys 7.November Rain – Guns N’ Roses 8.Let It Ride – Bachman-Turner Overdrive 9.Glycerine - Bush 10.All Apologies – Nirvana Yea, thanks for the welcomes. Im a Maynerd James Keenan Fan to the end...although his new Pucifer stuff sucks (most of it).
  14. I'm glad i started such a hot topic. You mega-collectors should get counting.
  15. Hard Choice, so many great songs. Can I vote for just 2? "Centerfold" J. Giels Band "Jeremy" Pearl Jam
  16. Thought I'd as how many songs are in your guys's collection? I have close to 4000 songs ranging from Late '70s to 2008 and i'm still collecting.
  17. Just wanted to say hi, just registered today after realizing there was a message boards on SF.
  18. My first post, used this website for the longest time and never realized there as a forums .. Anyway Simpleman - Deftones The Pot - Tool Brena - A Perfect Circle. I use the internet radio Pandora.com, you don't have to register or anything. Just make a station by typing in an artist name or song title..pretty Cool
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