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  1. rikirox

    What are you eating or drinking?

    Wavy Lay"s & Pepsi
  2. rikirox

    Your favorite song about LOVE!

    We used the same cd in the preschool I worked at. After that I gave the kenny Loggins cd to everyone having a baby and told them play it when they sleep. it trains them well.
  3. rikirox

    Your favorite song about LOVE!

    Crazy Love - Van Morrison
  4. rikirox

    What grinds your gears then?

    Right at this very moment, having to leave for work is bugging me, but smoking is right up there for everyday annoyances. While at work I have people who have just put out a cigarette come into my office and blow that nasty breath right at me. Yuck!!!
  5. rikirox

    Your favorite song about LOVE!

    Ahhh, one of my favorites, along with Layla..
  6. rikirox

    12 songs that must be banned

    Don't forget "Little Willie"
  7. rikirox

    12 songs that must be banned

    I agree, I hate that "MacArthur Park", never got the whole recipe and left the cake out in the rain part, Hate It! Should be on Jukebox from Hell on Sirius
  8. Ahhh yes, also a good one.
  9. How about "Cumbersome" or "Blue on Black"? Both excellent. Love Metallica's "Fade to Black".
  10. rikirox

    Classic rock band photo quiz

    I got 12 out of 20, I'm embarrased, I should have known more.
  11. rikirox

    Tesla - Love Song

    Thanks for the welcome & the answers, Ilove this song. I'm happy I found this site too, Love it! Rock On!
  12. rikirox

    Tesla - Love Song

    Anyone know the story behind this song? Can't find it or the lyrics on here. Just curious