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  1. Daniel Johnston - Lost And Found Chalky http://terriblelovesongs.blogspot.com
  2. Chalky

    Pub Quiz #2

    Q12 should read: What 1946 film is set in Bedford Falls? Not Redford falls -sorry!
  3. Chalky

    Pub Quiz #2

    OK, the time has come to reveal the answers! [spoilerq:1]The Answers[/spoilerq] [spoilera:1]1. Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red 2. Paul 3. Shakespeare 4. Send a text, make a phone call (it’s a mobile phone or cell phone depending on where you are) 5. a) A Troubling 6. 12 -48 hrs 7. 4 8. Heavy Metal 9. Karaoke 10. Poltergeist 11. Dr Dolittle 12. It’s A Wonderful Life – Sorry but I made a misleading typo so you get a point for this whatever you answered! Uh hum. Hope you enjoyed it and once again, sorry for the typo - I blame ummmm myself! Chalky [/spoilera] Lucky - loved your answer to question 4 :-)
  4. Chalky

    Pub Quiz #2

    Here are some more Pub Quiz Questions from a trip to my local last night. No music ones this time sorry. (And yes you are on the Internet right now so it would be really easy to look up the answers but where's the fun in that?!) I'll be posting the answers tomorrow on http://terriblelovesongs.blogspot.com -if you can't wait that long - send your answers to tlsreview @ gmail dot com Questions 1) What are the colours of the five Olympic rings? 2) Barbie had Ken but who was Sindy’s boyfriend? 3) Who invented the words ‘hobnob’, ‘swagger’ and ‘madcap’? 4) What would a German do with a ‘handy’? 5) What is the collective noun for a group of goldfish? a) A Troubling A Bloat c) A Dole 6) How long does it take for a swallowed piece of chewing gum to pass through the human digestive system? 7) How wide is a gymnastic beam in inches? 8) Which name for a type of music did William Burroughs make use of in his novel “The Soft Machineâ€, helping establish it in popular culture? 9) What word means “empty orchestra†in Japanese? 10) Which word used in the English language translates to “noisy ghost†in German? 11) Which novel featured the characters 'Jim', 'Dab Dab' and 'Push me pull you'? 12) What 1946 film is set in Redford Falls? Good Luck! P.S. We got second place :-)
  5. That doesn't sound good I prefer being a tadpole.
  6. Hey Farin, 7 is pretty darn good! Some of the people at the quiz didn't score that and they're living in London -shame on them!
  7. Cheers Laurie Just saw I'm a tadpole - what's next?! Chalky http://terriblelovesongs.blogspot.com
  8. Ha ha! A political movement - I guess it does sound like that. We'll be at the pub quiz again next week so if you're interested, I'll post more questions and hopefully they won't be so London centric, usually they're not. If we win there's a chance I might not remember them since the prize is a gallon of ale ;-) Chalky http://terriblelovesongs.blogspot.com
  9. Hey Guys, The quiz is from my blog. Sorry about the countries with M it question - think it was meant to be places-bit of a crap question I know!! If it makes you feel better-we got that one wrong as well! So how did you all do? Chalky http://terriblelovesongs.blogspot.com
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