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  1. Has anyone heard this song Another Night By: Marco Bosco on the radio WOW! I love it after hearing it I watched the video below and downloaded the single now this is good music.
  2. For me the funniest is the Will Ferrel, Blue Oyster Cult skit. "More Cowbell, I have a fever for more cowbell". Hahaha
  3. The last VHS I bought was the one and only classic, "Top Gun"
  4. Hey just was watching the video for the song Handlebars by the Flobots. So far its pretty cool, I like the art and the song is even better. From some of their other video they look like good live performers. Anyways its on www.myspace.com/flobots for the video. Might be going to weenie roast, so if i get the chance i'll check them out. Watch the video and see what you guys think. Cheers, Jon UMGD
  5. Only idiots kill themselves because of music...as far as I'm concerned the parents should of raised their kids better if they are that easily persuaded by someone who is merely on the radio.
  6. OMG, FOB in Antarctica how cool! ew....
  7. One face that I cant get over is John Mayer's guitar face, its hilarious
  8. That Flight of the conchords Cd is effing hilarious!
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