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  1. "How Does It Feel" by Avowed. Love this band. I can't wait until their show in LA. www.myspace.com/avowed
  2. You gotta check out Keaton Simons, he has John Mayer type of sound to him, sorta, way better i think, lol! I heard Al green is gonna be in his music video for "Nobody Knows." He’s got a show tonight at the House of Blues- Sunset Strip (Foundation Room) at 10.
  3. If you like Goldfrapp or Morcheeba you have to hear Scientific Lifestyle!!! My new favorite band. They’ve got a show coming up on the 16th at Blue Café in Long Beach.
  4. Just a heads up. she's got a show at borders in thousand oaks on May 9th. It's free! :-)
  5. check out this new artist rose rossi...she is playing at the House of Blues on April 24th and then again at the The Whisky on April 26th. i will be there! she is awesome live....www.myspace.com/roserossi
  6. I heard that Rose Rossi has a new music video for "Hello to You." I can't wait to see it.
  7. Hey guys, just heard of this cool girl band that is looking for couples to be in their video. They are looking for couples that are in forbidden relationships, which I think is pretty awesome. It’s unfortunate that couples face discrimination and rejection because of religion, race, gender, etc., I’m glad an artist is highlighting couples that love each other regardless of the struggle.
  8. "Try, Try" by Rachel McGoye If you go to her myspace, you can download two of her songs for free.
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