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  1. As for the most under-rated singer in rock history... My choice is Rodriguez... It's almost a crime by how ignored he has been... The other interesting fact is that he is American (the home of big dollar promotional power)... I invite everyone here to listen to some of his stuff, if you can find it... Like : Sugar Man Crucify Your Mind The Establisment Blues I Wonder Inner City Blues To get an idea of his lyrical power, check out the lyrics of "Cause" below. All Hail you Rodriguez... Ave Ave Ave... May the world learn to love you as you so rightly deserve. CAUSE Cause I lost my job two weeks before Christmas And I talked to Jesus at the sewer And the Pope said it was none of his God-damned business While the rain drank champagne My Estonian Archangel came and got me wasted Cause the sweetest kiss I ever got is the one I've never tasted Oh but they'll take their bonus pay to Molly McDonald, Neon ladies, beauty is that which obeys, is bought or borrowed Cause my heart's become a crooked hotel full of rumours But it's I who pays the rent for these fingered-face out-of-tuners and I make 16 solid half hour friendships every evening Cause your queen of hearts who is half a stone And likes to laugh alone is always threatening you with leaving Oh but they play those token games on Willy Thompson And give a medal to replace the son of Mrs. Annie Johnson Cause they told me everybody's got to pay their dues And I explained that I had overpaid them So overdued I went to the company store and the clerk there said that they had just been invaded So I set sail in a teardrop and escaped beneath the doorsill Cause the smell of her perfume echoes in my head still Cause I see my people trying to drown the sun In weekends of whiskey sours Cause how many times can you wake up in this comic book and plant flowers?
  2. Great stuff! Cold Chisel have a fistful of Oz classics. Which ones did you play??
  3. I gotta say for me the song 'Telephone Line' has the effect of transporting me back to my early youth. No other song does that so completely for me. Not sure why either. I probably heard it at a crucial point in memory development and it has never failed to exert a power hold over me ever since.
  4. Fair enough. I don't remember reading that it was Geldoff himself who hindered airplay in the US... but, there it is in B&W. Maybe there was a media beat-up at the time (of the "ain't it awful - glorifying murder" kind) that has stuck in my mind all these years.
  5. Here's one for the nostalgic. Released right on the cusp of the 80s
  6. More OZ protest songs (or at least anti-war songs) And the band played Waltzing Matilda I was only 19
  7. I think you're right there RE legal action. Wasn't the murder case against Brenda Ann Spencer being heard in California at the time it hit the charts in the UK? Plus the widespread feeling in the US that it glorified her killing spree?
  8. Yes, those are the facts. My question is why the groundswell of appreciation and following in OZ and NZ was not repeated around the world (paticularly in the US). Was he too political? Too left? Too Dylanesque? Were the drug references in the song Sugar Man too affronting? There does not appear to be an obvious reason why he has been so largely ignored and unpromoted. Rodriguez himself wanted success and has toured Australia a few times.
  9. It's hard to understand why Detroit born Rodriguez and his brilliant first album "Cold Fact" and his compilation album "At his Best" (released only in Australia and New Zealand), has been so largely ignored in the US and around the world. They're outstanding and deserving of classic status. Anyone else here who thinks Rodriguez deserves more recognition?
  10. Gotta second that one! In Oz you could not have said to have lived without having heard "Khe Sahn" or "Flame Trees" or "Breakfast at Sweethearts" at least once a month for the last 25 years. Absolute Australian classics.
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