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  1. Yeah, I saw an article on this earlier today. I'm a huge U2 fan and I can honestly say that I'm not interested in downloading any "rough" demos of the new songs. I'd rather wait until the official CD release. I've waited 4 years, what's two more weeks? Actually I've been waiting on a good U2 CD longer than that. I'm not terribly fond of "All That You Can't Leave Behind". I've probaby listened to it maybe half a dozen times.

  2. As someone mentioned earlier, The Police incorporated reggae rhythms into several of their songs. Probably want to check out their second album "Regatta De Blanc". It has the most reggae-influenced songs on it (Walking on the Moon, etc.) I think the album title translates to White Reggae (someone might need to check me on that though).

  3. Scott, in my opinion you have the only CD's of theirs worth buying so far. I thought "Blender" was terrible. Sometime in the near future, they're going to release another CD on their independent label. Hopefully it will be worth checking out. I suppose "Blender" could have been a token release just to get out of their record contract.

  4. Great post Carl.

    Here's a link I found to a thread on a Red Sox message board. It was mentioned in an espn.com article. The postings are about who each person wants the Red Sox to win it for. The thread was started prior to Game 7 of the ALCS. It's now up to 54 pages. Thought you might enjoy it.

    Red Sox Board

  5. I'm definitely going to see them on this tour. They're getting on up in age and I fear that every tour might be their last. The last tour I saw them on was Popmart, so I want to go see them again.

    I believe their ticket prices for the Elevation tour were on par with most other big name acts. They did have tickets designated as the "Golden Circle" which were enclosed by the ramps/runways extending out into the crowd. Now those tickets commanded some serious cash.

  6. That has to be the all-time worst rain song, I actually saw these guys (or gals) in concert 26.gif & that of course was the crowd favorite, OH JOY! It was almost as bad as those PBS "After School Specials" any other baby-boomers remember those?

    MTV named this video the 4th worst of all time, right before it was destroyed by Jon Stewart & Chris Kattan. Good thing to know that the good folks at MTV watch out for us viewers & prevent us from seeing such tasteless crap.

    I wasn't a fan of it either. It just popped into my head for some reason.

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