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  1. ^ on that note, where could I find it for download? (the name of the artist would help)
  2. I use the AVG, never had a virus since. the program did intercept a few virusses and removed them. I feel safe
  3. Thanks again for recommending them to me My nominations: Liberty Song - The Levellers on general request (i.e. Lea): My Heroics Pt. one - Absynthe Minded
  4. I didn't know 'Let it be' was considered such a great song. I mean, it's ok, but after hearing it sooo many times I find it a bit mellow now.. I can agree with the other 9 songs that made it though
  5. probably, I wouldn't know many European TV moments though, would you?
  6. 10 Most Notorious TV moments in Rock'n Roll
  7. Random thought about organized crime:
  8. Elvis? I noticed Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band isn't in the list of suggested nominations. I don't know if you forgot that or used different selection criteria, but I thought people should know. (it's very likely to make my top ten) btw, I'm having a hard time voting, these guys made a LOT of first class music! EDIT: 1. Helter Skelter 2. Can't Buy Me Love 3. A Hard Day's Night 4. Back In The U.S.S.R 5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps 6. Revolution 7. Across The Universe 8. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 9. With A Little Help From My Friends 10.Sgt. Pepper’s lonely Hearts Club Band
  9. 1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond- Pink Floyd 2. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd 3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps - George Harrison 4. Me & Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin 5. Lola - The Kinks 6. White Unicorn – Wolfmother 7. Good Vibrations - Beach Boys 8. Hurt - Johnny Cash 9. Black Betty - Ram Jam 10.Hello, I Love You - The Doors I don't feel guilty for voting too much Pink Floyd
  10. wtf, you went to the library by truck or what?
  11. Because not all music news should be about people passing away: Dr Dre has revealed that he is working on an instrumental gip-hop album about the planets that make up the solar system. The rapper and producer said he had been thinking about the record for “a long time†and that he wanted to call it 'The Planets'.
  12. Thanks guys, by the time I can play on these songs I'll be a much better harp player Now where did I left that little thing...
  13. Since your desktop is a PC, I recommend you to stick with Windows. It'll be much easier to link them in a network (for file sharing and printing). Also you had a Dell before, that was a good choice, stick with it. I use Dell too (for many years), they have great products and when you have trouble, their support is the best. Keep an eye open for promo's on their website, could save you some money. Are you planning on gaming or image processing (like photoshop etc.), then you'll need a decent graphics card. Otherwise, you'll be fine with a powerfull processor and 4 or more GB of RAM link to Dell's laptop search site. happy hunting
  14. Awesome, I feel obliged to listen to all the songs again
  15. Hi guys You might know I play the harmonica, and I noticed some of you do too. I'm looking for some nice songs/cool riffs to play. I only own a diatonic harp in C, so I'm mainly looking for songs in C or G. So far I got this small list: Piano Man - Billy Joel Hoochie Coochie man - Muddy Waters Once upon a time in the west (main theme) Not much indeed Thanks for your help
  16. Punk used to be awesome. Now I don't really care anymore.
  17. Probably. I still like them because they were a part of my childhood. :rock:
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