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  1. I know this is a cover, but imo it's the best version of this song: Quando Quando Quando - Engelbert Humperdinck and my second nomination is something completely different: Phenomena - Yeah Yeah Yeah's
  2. "iPod classic gives you 160GB of storage capacity, good for up to 40,000 songs" When each song is worth $ 62,500, this ipod would be worth $ 2.5 billion. That's the most expensive thing you can put in your pocket. hold on to it!
  3. Blooofish!! how are you? I would be very pleased to receive a letter from a friend, how can it weird you out? People did it all the time before the internets existed.. Something different: Hey, can any of you Americans explain to me what this Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear is all about?
  4. I thought this was extremely funny, please don't ban me if it's inapropriate..
  5. 1. Man With a Harmonica/Death Rattle Medley - Ennio Morricone (1968)Â 2. Kiss - Prince (1986)Â 3. Road Goes Ever On, The (Main Theme) - Howard Shore (2001)Â 4. You Can Leave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker (1986)Â 5. I'm Not Like Everybody Else - The Kinks (1966)Â 6. I Got The Six - ZZ Top (1983)Â 7. Those Shoes - Eagles (1979)Â 8. Walking on the Water - Creedence Clearwater Revival (1968)Â 9. Nice Dream - Radiohead (1995)Â 10.Candy Man - Roy Orbison (1962)Â
  6. so true I often use the local library too for new music, those aren't likely to shut down either
  7. take water, add chicken, boil. take bread, add banana/pumpkin, blend, rebake. that's about my cooking skills You should ask Edna, she can bake alright! BROWNIES
  8. This week imma nominate some epic movie-music, we should do a special about this theme! Man with A harmonica/Death Rattle - Ennio Morricone (1968) Lord of the rings - main theme (aka The Road goes ever on) - Howard Shore (2001)
  9. Muse with a stunning mix of 'man with harmonica' and 'knights of Cydonia', enjoy their greatness!
  10. Genius dogs of 4chan explain political psychology: Click for larger image.
  11. I'd say, a great final top ten! Glad Voodoo Chile is finally part of our top 2350 songs!
  12. 1. Voodoo Chile - The Jimi Hendrix Experience(1968) 2. Karmacoma - Massive Attack (1995) 3. Bongo Bong / Je ne t'aime plus ~ Manu Chao (1998) 4. smoke Stack Lightning - Howlin' Wolf (1956) 5. Gin Soaked Boy - Tom Waits (1983) 6. Hoppípolla ~ Sigur Rós (2005) 7. Maybe - Janis Joplin (1969) 8. Lemon Song, The - Led Zeppelin (1969) 9. Queen Bitch - David Bowie (1971) 10.Story of Bo Diddley, The - The Animals (1964)Â
  13. Click on image for a bigger picture.
  14. Karmacoma - Massive Attack Voodoo Chile - Jimi Hendrix Part 1 Part 2
  15. on that same note, why is rock and roll called rock and roll? what has a rock to do with music?
  16. Curious fact: X-rays can give you cancer.
  17. got tickets to PJ Harvey in February!
  18. If I could remember title and/or artist I would post here an alternate birthday song (at least in my country it's fairly unknown). Maybe somebody else remembers: A dark male jazz voice (kinda like Louis Armstrong) sings Happy Birthsday, a very cool jazz version
  19. So Sammy, how did you get to know a site called birdfight.com?
  20. Both covers, but they are great imo! In The Jailhouse Now - Soggy Bottom Boys (from that movie, y'know?) Last Train to Clarksville - The Grascals Featuring the hottest banjo player out there , Kristin Scott Benson:
  21. lol, just stop listening to Weezer and leave the rest of the world alone, Mr. Burns.
  22. I found it, thanks for the advice Martin!
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