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  1. Sorry, I didn't it until spring. But it was one of the top songs of the year for me!
  2. I must say, I don't listen to a whole whole lot of new music, but one song that really caught my attention this year and I still think it's as great as it was the first time I heard is "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John. I skimmed through everyone's lists, but didn't really see it! Kinda psychedelic, but oh so catchy at the same time!
  3. Early!! I seriously think sometimes the great intensity of the other songs out weighs the more genius of the later stuff. I'd take I Should Have Known Better over Come Together any old day. Don't get me wrong, I love the later stuff with all my heart, but man.... those early songs get me everytime! And I included Rubber Soul in with "pre rubber soul" simply because it's my favorite
  4. Thanks, Jane. I've been coming to Songfacts for oh boy.. it must be 3 years now, but I just recently joined the boards!
  5. Yes! Thanks you! It's been driving me crazy for about a month or so!
  6. No, sorry. But it starts with the grunt type thing and the real staccato riff. sorry for being so vague
  7. You see, I thought it might be this, too, but, unfortunately, it is not. Thanks though!
  8. There's a song I heard a while back and I just can't seem to place it. I've heard it numerous times before. But I think it is from the seventies. Has a very soul/funk feel to it. I think a black band. Might be a woman singing? (or a high pitched) Has a sigh/grunt as a kind of hook. VERY STACCATO!!! And the main singing hook is along the lines of "i'll get you back"... i think haha Any ways, thanks in advance!
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