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  1. non of those Green Doors fit, either by date or sound... Frogs version is killer though, worth the price of admission
  2. Guitarist that was in a "almost" super band, Aviary. Aviary was going to replace Yes, according to Yes's management... anyway this guy is doing a super country/Springsteen/Seager type sound, check him out... he's starting to get hot in France? Toby Bowen tobybowen.com
  3. The Band got it's name as being the backing "band" behind Dylan... Dylan sites may help... also The Band's "Chest Fever" was on Three Dog Night's first album... search for members sites... very interesting band, wish you well. M
  4. The bubble gum music forum brought back memories of a nagging question. I remember driving home from a date late 68 or early 69 when the DJ played "What's Behind the Green Door". This rendition of Green Door took the Deep Purple's way of re-doing "Kentucky Woman" and just applied it to the song Green Door. After listening to the song, the DJ said "I hope that satisfies your bubble gum needs for the night" I remember that the groups name as being associated with bubble gum music at the time. I've had a lot of well respected music historians imply that "I may have imagined, or misunderstood what I heard".
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