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  1. While I see what you talk about, chinchu, I'd have to say that music with singing isn't really what people think of when they hear the term 'instrumental'. ;)

    Well I did say it was my own opinion.. Of course everyone thinks of instrumental the way you do... But it's is actually a mistake in my opinion...

  2. Sorry to differ from you, but you CAN learn how to sing... Maybe you couldn't learn, just like the thousands of people that try to learn other instruments and fail... The human voice was the first instrument, and it is the purest because is the only natural one... Everything else is artificial...

  3. abbey road is pretty good, it's a great collection of songs... but that's what it is... a great collection of songs, it's like they don't 'belong' together at times... Basically what I'm saying is while it has great songs, it's just not much of an album... Let It Be has the same feeling... it's like I can hear all the stress and 'bad vibes' that were runnin' round the studio during recording.

    There was no stress during Abbey Road... Haven't you seen the Beatles Anthology??? That's the great thing about Abbey Road... They got together to make this record simply for the music, leaving all their problems behind...

  4. Chicago's first albums are the best, especially Chicago II which is a masterpiece, I may say... But Hearing Chicago through the decades you see how much they change and grow, evolve actually... And that's normal because music changes through the years, and Chicago went along with these changes... YOu know, there are some great ballads from the 80's by Chicago... It doesn't matter what you play, if the band is great, the product will sound great...

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