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  1. Thanks, LS. I have contacted Carl and sent a friend request to the group's myspace. Next, I will check out the interviews. Best, :)Steve
  2. Thanks for the welcome, Lucky! I am glad that there is a substantial geezer population here as well as younger folk; a good mix of generations and tastes in music is most always best. Who is the head honcho around here, anyway? I'd be glad to say hello. I certainly will check out the group's Interview section. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Best, :)Steve http://www.myspace.com/virginiaprograsser http://www.myspace.com/tuxedocatmusic http://theONE.tv
  3. Thanks for the welcome, FOTH! I am a huge proghead (mostly 1970s classic-type from when I 'came up' - Yes, early Floyd, Peter Gabriel's Genesis, ELP, Jethro Tull, The Strawbs, etc.). It is good to see a 15 yo like yourself into prog. I really need to put my geezer age up (50) on my profile, too! Best, :)Steve "the virginiaprograsser" Newgrass, Prog & More! Web Radio & Interviews
  4. My vote goes to Carl Palmer. I interviewed him just before his first American tour in Spring, 2007 with The Carl Palmer Band (interview has been archived - I will bring it out again soon). I saw Carl play with ELP many a time 'back in the day'. Steve P.S. Yes, Bill Bruford is still around - playing some great Jazz; just released a double DVD that I have. And Alan White of Yes/John Lennon is playing in an excellent new band with Yesmen Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye, CiRCA: http://www.myspace.com/circahq 'Newgrass, Prog & More!' Web Radio & Interviews Tidewater, VA, USA
  5. I have always preferred 'Wish You Were Here' to 'Dark Side of The Moon' although they are both amazing albums - and that preference is from back in 'the day' when I bought them both on vinyl when they were first released. Anybody here old enough to remember the color of the plastic that covered the graphics of the first vinyl releases of WYWH? And yes, I am a big fan of the earlier, more experimental albums 'Atom Heart Mother' and 'Meddle', too. And while 'Animals' was good, I really did/do NOT like 'The Wall' - probably Floyd's most popular album after DSOTM. Steve "the virg
  6. FYI - I spoke with Tony for 45 minutes in early November of this year. It is the first audio interview of this type that he can remember giving in his entire 40+ year career. Tony speaks about his great new band, CiRCA (with bandmates Billy Sherwood and Alan White of Yes): http://www.myspace.com/circahq and about classic Yes moments like playing on "Owner of A Lonely Heart" and on the classic LP The Yes Album. Check my radio station's schedule at: http://www.live365.com/stations/virginiaprograsser for the next day/time it airs. Best, Steve S-N "the virginiaprograsser" Newgr
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