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  1. from first to last have youve heard of them
  2. from first to last is my favorite band but without sonny i think that their not complete but anyway ive heard two or three of their new songs and im convinced that the new album is going to be amazing i luv the guitar in my ohnest openion the guitars better travis kicked it a notch the drums i think that ive heard better from derek and matt goods vocals are amazing and the new gut matt manning just has an amazing beard by the last time ive checked but if you dont want to go by my word go check it out its on their myspace and mine
  3. nikki if you didnt know died but only for a couple of minutes. the reason why is beacause its f-ing nikki sixx he's a legend and isnt going to die from drugs. But after this tragic insedent he wrote another book about his incedent with drugs and death. Nikki wants to worn people about the affects of drugs on you, but he states in his own words "listen im not preaching im not screaming from church rooftops kids dont do drugs, if i were to do that then people would read my book and think this is some rick f-ing rockstar saying woe is me, and go shoot it up." The book is about his experience with drugs.Nikki Sixx is waiting on guitarist mick to record some demo stuff
  4. From first to last has some new stuff out and everybody that i talk to sidney says it sucks but no one has realy heard any of it i heard one song and it was amazing but yet sonny moore is out there and his stuff in my own oppinion is that ts way better
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