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  1. Well tonight, I'm heading out to Huntington Beach to check out one of my favorite bands.. The Black Summer Crush. They're going to be playing tonight at 10 at Fitzgerald Pub. If you guys are in the HB area or OC, come down and check it out.. I hope to see you there!
  2. Hey! I read them in a feature in penseyeview.com I knew the band name sounded familiar. I read the article and it made me check out their myspace. I think they're pretty good. Something you don't really hear nowadays.
  3. Hey guys, I was on myspace the other day and I found this really talented artist named Rose Rossi. I think she's worth checking out. Her music reminds me of Fiona and a little bit of Alanis, so if you're into these rockin' ladies, you'll like Rose. "Hello To You" is the song to check out Myspace page
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